Mellow Yellow Monday - Around The Neighborhood

This truck has been parked along Lincoln way for months and never moves. I think someone lives inside the truck - NO it's not me :D

This is the "Hippie House" across street from ocean beach. The whole house looks like this.

I snapped this at Stern Grove. I liked the effect right out of the camera.

This is one of my favorite homes. I love the stairwell and plants.

Yellow Flowers in the front yard of an all yellow house.

How would you like to live on a corner of a street with this sign in front of your house? :)

There are some expensive homes in my neighborhood, though I do not live in one.

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Nice and interesting photos. The truck has been there for ages? I saw a car parked not far from my house before and it was there for weeks. I then called up the police. The next thing i know, the car was moved. Hahahaha!
Kass said…
What a wonderful peek into your very mellow and expressive world.
chasity said…
there are some very pretty homes in your area indeed....and although i would not call the hippie home pretty~ i would be intrigued to see the rest of it!
beautiful flower photos as well.
Secondary Roads said…
Love that curvy stairway. I wouldn't want to walk up and down them anytime I left the house and returned, however.
Ann said…
That hippie house is really something. I prefer the house with that fabulous stairwell. That first flower picture is really cool. It looks like it's glowing.
Truth Ferret said…
The truck has a strange painting, maybe it's really CIA and they want to "blend in" with the neighborhood. HMMMMM.

The staircase house is pretty, I agree.

Thanks for the walk around your neighborhood. Think I'll have a glass of iced tea, now.
RNSANE said…
Great shots, Jo! Wonder if that truck person needs roommate? But you should have shown pictures of the horse trailer and some of the other folks just outside your neighborhood! Oh, they weren't really mellow yellow...more like mellow rust.
Denise said…
This is a great series of fun photographs. I really liked that stone, curvy staircase also.
An English Girl Rambles
Lesley said…
Love that curvy staircase!
Interestingly, I do live in a dead end street - makes for a more peaceful view.
chubskulit said…
I love your third shot, simply gorgeous!

Bird's feeder for MYM, come and see please, thanks!
Intriguing collection of yellows! And the truck is called Moon to match the image I notice! But I especially love that curving stairway! So much romantic character!
Self Sagacity said…
You are so funny today. First of, I don't think you would live in a truck, secondly, I think you are happy where you are living, so you don't need an expensive house. :-) Just guessing, I could be wrong. :-)
Icy BC said…
What a great collection of yellows, Jo! They are all interesting..
Willie, that's done here as well. If someone calls the police they'll go out and investigate.

Kass, thanks :)

Chasity, I've always wanted to see the inside of the hippie house as well. One of these days, I'm gonna knock on their door :)

Chuck, :) It's nice just to look at

Ann, I don't know how that glowing flower happened. It's such a cool effect though. Thanks.

Truth, now there's a thought. Could be Big Brother watching :)

Carmen :D

Denise, thanks for dropping by.

Lesley, That makes sense and thanks for stopping by.

Chub, Thank you and I will.

Greyscale, I agree there is something very alluring about the staircase. Thanks for visiting.

Self, You know me well :)

Icy, Thanks, they are definitely unique.
ruthi said…
My favorite is the stairwell too... and oh how I wish I live in the last photo. thanks for sharing.
*MrsMartinez* said…
The first pic is very artsy crazy hehe
I love the glamorous house in the last photo

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