San Francisco Buildings - At An Angle

Top of a bank building in Chinatown

Bank of America Headquarters

Sculpture in Civic Center Plaza

City Hall Dome

Bank of America Headquarters with Chinese Street Lantern


Terresa said…
Love these pictures, especially the last one -- the juxtaposition of the chinese street lantern and B of A headqtrs.
RNSANE said…
Were you tilted, Miss Jo? Or were we having a seismic event? Nice shots.
Duni said…
What amazing architecture - and I love the angle of your shots, especially the one with the Chinese Lantern in front of the bank building!
Ann said…
What great shots. Love the one of the sculpture in the Civic Center Plaza. It's fun to experiment taking pictures from different angles and you can get some really amazing results.
Kass said…
Love your slant on these structures!
rainfield61 said…
Haha, you have a fun Sunday.
Reeni said…
How neat! I love the Chinese ones. If you told me you were in China I would of believed you!
DoanLegacy said…
These are interesting and great perspective!
*MrsMartinez* said…
Hello Jo
We stayed in Chinatown when we went to SF ; ) The first photo brings back memories... happy memories!
Terresa, thank you, it just had such a cool look.

Carmen, a seismic event :D

Duni, thanks it was fun taking those at an angle.

Ann, so true and thank you

Kass, HaHa lol!

Rainfield, thank you and you too my friend.

Reeni, I'll have to post some of my China ones one of these days :)

Doan, thank you.

Michelle, To you as well :) thanks.
Anonymous said…
Viewing these were just plain fun! Jo, you are so talented. :) Chey
Samir said…
The last one really had me! A lamp post crawling with dragons :P

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