Watery Wednesday - Turtles @ The Water Fowl Pond

I snapped these at the water fowl pond in the botanical gardens. My zoom lens was able to capture this little guy swimming under the water. He's got amazing colors. And, these guys can swim very fast. I observed a fish trying to bite him several times and he was able to get away.


J Bar, thanks, he was kinda cute :)
You're right...the turtle is colorful. Truly great shots :)
Thanks for dropping by, happy Wednesday...
Jan said…
Interesting and novel idea to snap the turtle.
Thanks for your comment on my post.
All the best with your book sales.
RNSANE said…
Cute turtle...is it just a little one? I imagine it isn't a snapping turtle.
DK Miller said…
Great turtle shots! Love them! Congrats on your most recent book. I wish you luck with all of them.
I so enjoy watching turtles in the wild!! Two fabulous photos.

My Wednesday issue today...FOUNTAINS & all that Ja-a-a-z-z-z Come on over, my door is always open!
Joyce said…
Perfect shot and love the color on the turtles back. Besides your amazing photos I see you write books too. You are so talented. I enjoyed the photos of the Cliff House. I use to live in Burlingame and never ate there. Drove past often. I miss the Bay area and Half Moon Bay and the Botanical Gardens are lovely. If you ever get to Atlanta visit our Botanical Gardens which I think your would enjoy. Off to browse thru your past posts to bring back memories for me.
Pam said…
Beautiful snapshot of this colorful turtle. I'm glad he didn't snap back ;)
Anonymous said…
He's a cuuute lil guy & you're right, amazing colors!
rainfield61 said…
They see more things than us, because they live longer.
fini said…
Over here we call it tortoise as turtle are referred to the big one that lives in the ocean My tortoise "Totti" is still small compared to this one. They are lovely, don't u think? And they can outlive us too!!

Happy Wednesday!
Snap said…
I love turtles! Wonderful shots of this colorful little guy...
Secondary Roads said…
Nice shot of a neat little guy.

And that's the hard-shell truth.
EG Wow said…
Nice shots! I find turtles are often camera shy.:)
Mona Sweden said…
What a cutie! Maybe turtles are faster in water than on land?
This painted turtle is a bullet in the water. Have had them stael bait while fishing.
Bossy Betty said…
Oh my goodness! Loved these!
Annie said…
This is so lovely, Joanne. I can't help but think of the suffering of the water creatures of the Gulf when I look at him.
betchai said…
wow, i never have observed a fish trying to bite the turtle, what an experience it must be to see them. lovely shots, Jo.
Ann said…
Very cool Love the one with his poking his head up out of the water. I tried to take pictures at the zoo one time of a fish pond, it didn't work so well. I'll have to give it another try this year.
Liz said…
Great shot of the cute turtle!
Denise said…
Great photos, thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed looking at your turtles :)
lina, thank you so much and to you as well.

Thanks Jan, I found him very unique.

Carmen, no he is not, he's quite larger than that. He's such a colorful guy.

Thanks so much Diane, I think I mat take a breather now.

Thanks, Hootin Anni and I will come over and check it out.

Joyce, Burlingame is a great little spot. I love their jazz festivals. It's always fun to visit there. Love the waffles at Stacks :) If I am ever in Atlanta, I certainly will visit the gardens there, I am a botanical garden aholic :) Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

Pam, HaHa, good one, thanks for stopping by.

Tricia, thank so much :)

rainfield, you are so wise beyond your years :)

fini, yes, because they live such a slow and relaxing life, thank you.

Snap, Thanks so much, it was fun photographing him.
Chuck, thanks, you're too hilarious :D

EG Wow, This was my first experience photographing a turtle so I don't know but it was fun.

Mona, that could very well be as that fish was fast but this little guy got away each time. Thanks for visiting.

Prairie, Really... doesn't surprise me at all, he knew how to get away from that fish and quick.

Thank you Tumblewords.

Bossy, glad you liked them.

Oh, Annie, I know. I am heartsick and disgusted by what is happening there. Thank you for visiting.

betchai, it was a little frightening to see but the turtle got away each time.

Ann, they are difficult to capture. I had to wait a while before I got it right. Thanks.

Thanks so much Liz.

Glad you liked him, Denise, Thank you.

Thanks, Coffee.
Anonymous said…
This is wonderful pictures, Jo! It must be great to watch him.
Icy,it is, I love observing animals, it's so much fun. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Once there was a dragon, who did dive deep into the sea to save the life of a turtle - photography surely worth to do this again. Please have a nice Thursday.

daily athens
Brian Miller said…
nice. my boys love going to the pond...and turtles are always a treat...nice pics.
Anonymous said…
these are utterly beautiful - wow!
RoseBelle said…
I saw a turtle swimming at a lake once and it was very, very hard taking picture of it. You definitely did a wonderful job taking these pictures. The patterns on the shell is really gorgeous. I've never seen them with so much colors before.
Robert - Daily Athens, thanks so much and you do as well.

Brian, They are fun, thank you.

Brittany, thanks so much, they are colorful.
Diane AZ said…
I like the turtles and the green water. It would be relaxing to watching the turtles and fish.
RoseBelle, it is difficult because they move around so much. I took it with a zoom lens. You know I've never seen them with so many colors either, it was a real treat. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

Diane, it is relaxing to just sit by and observe them, it's fun. thank you.
Cinnamon-Girl said…
Their so cute! Great shots!
Ratty said…
Great closeup turtle shots. Turtles are my favorite reptile so it's always a pleasure to see them.
Cinnamon, thanks, they are cuties :)

Ratty, Glad you like them, thanks
Luckaa said…
Turtles are so sweet.
Dave said…
im enjoying these photos, truly remarkable.
Ann said…
Lovely shot, wonderful colurs on the turtle, hope is isn't having too much trouble with the fish biting.
Spiderdama said…
Thats cute! Great post for ww:-)
Linnea W said…
Turtle are so cool. Love the olive green colors of the water and the shell. Nice shots! Thanks for stopping by at my WW post.
Luckaa, they really are cute

Dave, thanks so much.

Ann, they are able to get away from those fish, it's amazing to see.

Spider, Thank you.

Linnea, Thank YOU for visiting and commenting.
*MrsMartinez* said…
Oh I remember seeing huge turtles in Taipei Zoo!

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