Macro Flowers Saturday - Colorful Flowers


Icy BC said…
Gorgeous shots of the flowers, Jo! I think we both went after the same flowers :-) I have some too, but your blue one is fantastic!
Secondary Roads said…
Great shots of beautiful flowers.
Kass said…
Some of those flowers look like sea creatures - beautiful ones.
AVCr8teur said…
All your flower pictures are wonderful and really like the Blue Himalayan Poppy. The blue petals have a nice contrasting color to the anthers.
betchai said…
very colorful and beautiful flowers Jo, it is always great to bring home the beauty that we find outside, thanks for sharing.
lina said…
I love the blue flower. :)
rainfield61 said…
What if you are a bee.....
Ann said…
Great macro shots. I really like that blue flower. I'm a little partial to the color blue.
Paul said…
Beautiful shots, I especially like the first one. Well done.
Great shots - though my favourite has to be the meconopsis blue one.
maiaT said…
Beautiful series of macro flowers, gorgeous dahlias and chrysanthemums.
I love the blue one too but I can't recognize what it is.
Thanks for this generous contribution to Macro Flowers Saturday, they are all excellent shots!
Have a great weekend!
Icy, great minds think alike :) I will be checking yours out this afternoon. I am halfway through my comment list, it takes hours :D

Chuck, thanks so much.

Kass, HaHa, thanks :)

Karen, thanks, I love that one too.

Betchai, it really is and thank you. You my friend bring glorious beauty to us always.

lina, thank you it's my favorite as well.

Rainfield, :D I'd be having a great time :D

Ann, thank you, as am I.

Paul, thank you so much.

Rosie, same here, thank you.

maia, The blue one is a Meconopsis Grandis - Himalayan Blue Poppy and they just started blooming in our botanical gardens. I was mesmerized by the blue color. I just fell in love with it.

Thanks so much and I'm so happy I found this meme. I love contributing to it. Thank YOU.
Incredible flower shots Joanne. You are seriously talented. :) Thank you for sharing so freely here.
The Written Voice, thank you, you are too kind. Have a great weekend
RNSANE said…
What an exquisite collection of beauties you've given us today, Jo. They are spectacular, just like you! I haven't left the house since I got home from the hospital! My camera is wondering what's wrong.
Judy said…
My favourite is the first one - such an exotic blue!!!
AL said…
Beautiful series of flowers in macro. My favorite is the white one, looks so simple but elegant.
Vernz said…
Hi Joanna, awww these are adorable photos again... thanks for always seeing me. God Bless You!
Kathy said…
Amazing photos!
Ryan said…
Beautiful array of flowers, wish I had the patience to grow a garden full of them.
earthtoholly said…
Beautiful flowers, Joanne...buffets for the the bugs and bees!
Carmen, thanks, yes your camera needs an outing.

Judy, that's what caught my eye as well, that gorgeous blue, thank you.

AL, thanks and have a wonderful weekend.

Vernz, thank you so much, I enjoy visiting you.

Kathy, thanks for stopping by.

Ryan, thank so much.

Holly, :D exactly, they love em.
Manang Kim said…
Indeed it's beautiful super macro shots! Like it and Happy Sunday!

Purple blossom
Ratty said…
I love the colors of these flowers. The first one is especially stunning. You picked the right one for your header image.
Manang, thank you

Ratty, Thanks I loved that one too, glad you like the header, I'll keep it that way for a while. Thanks.

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