Flowers on Saturday #8

Bluberry craft and hobby time
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Hi, these flowers are gorgeous.. colors are great.. i really liked..
Dejemonos, I'm so glad you like them, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Ray, Thank you.
Puanani503 said…
These are beautiful! I love the first one:) Thanks for stopping by:) Happy Saturday!
Puanani, You are welcome and thank you.
I never got to link in with Saturday flowers this week but wanted to see what lovely pictures you had shared this week. I think the first shot is so unusual a flower.
Ann said…
as always they are beautiful. I have something that looks a lot like the ones that look like they are all dried out.
Beautiful shots. even the last picture of flower that has dots on it.

My flower
Beautiful flowers! I love the last photo.
Rosie, I forget sometimes as well with all the memes I do. I think the first one is a type of lily. Thanks so much for stopping by and I look forward to yours next week.

Ann, they are popular and for some reason I find dried out flowers very cool. Don't know why :D

Shydub, thanks so much.

Rochelle, Thank you and have a great weekend.
Erika B said…
Stunning! I love the first one.

Erika B
How nice I can see flowers that not in my garden from you. Simply beautiful.
Ewa said…
your first flower is such nice bright colour and I really like that flowers in the second shot, whtine with the purple in the middle, did I mention that I love purple:)
ruthi said…
simply gorgeous!

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