Macro Flowers Saturday

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Kebeni said…
ah some beautiful protea, I just love the rugged beauty of these
Andrea said…
I dont know that 3rd photo, it looks so scarry of the hirsute appearance! How i wish i have a macro lens too!
Sharkbytes said…
I like the fuzzy one!
Ann said…
You always manage to find the most interesting flowers to take pictures of. Love them.
Kebeni, thank you and I feel the same way. The protea is always a favorite of mine.

Andrea, :) it does have that appearance lol! A macro lens is fun. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Shark, it needs a little Nair, huh? :D

Ann, I like the exotics and I know I can always find them at the gardens. Thank you.
Maia said…
Lovely shots of interesting plants and flower.
Are these lily buds in the last shot?

I stared a few moments on your header photo, what a breathtaking capture!
Maia said…
Amazing shots and plants. Its interesting to see how complicated a simple leaf can be.
***Icy BC said…
Incredible macro shots! My favorite is the third photo with all those tiny details..
BJ Roan said…
All these are amazing shots!
Jan n Jer said…
Great macros. Love your header also.
Maia, thanks so much. They are lily buds but I don't remember the specifics on them. I adore lilies of all kinds.

Icy, me too, I like all that hair :D

BJ, thanks for your kind comment

Jan & Jer, thanks so much for visiting and commenting
Bossy Betty said…
Oh that leaf is just wonderful!
RNSANE said…
That proteus will always be one of my top ranking favorite flowers.
Mike B. said…
Love the textures in your photos. Nice job!

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