Macro Monday

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joco said…
One could drown in those huge flowers :-)
You want to dive in and taste the raindrops. Love the Hibiscus. You did get close, didn't you :-)
Vernz said…
Hi Joanna, wow, so refreshing.. the first one is awesome.. love it .. dropping by..
Dimple said…
Gorgeous! Each flower looks fresh and happy after its shower!
Kebeni said…
so very tropical, thinking cocktails at 5 maybe
lisaschaos said…
Blooms and droplets are always wonderful!!
Kala said…
Beautiful, lush images.
I thought that first one was a yellow frog when I first looked .. and so, it is my favourite!
Bom said…
Pretty flowers with rain droplets. Nice shots!
Bossy Betty said…
Love those macro shots!
Ann said…
Pretty flowers and nice shots. It always feels like spring time with all your flower shots :)
joco, I like the way you put that :) Yes, sometimes I get too close, just ask my lens

Vernz, glad you like it and thanks for dropping by.

Dimple, exactly, they are now refreshed.

Kebeni, :) I love the way you think...

lisas, thanks so much :)

Jama and Kala, thanks so much

Jay, how cute, thank you.

Thank you, Bom

Betty, glad you like em :)

Ann, I'm lucky enough that I can always find a flower shot out here, though in the coming months maybe not as many.
RNSANE said…
Somehow, the rain enhances their beauty!

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