Scenic Sunday - The Cliff House in San Francisco

Scenic Sunday
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Diane AZ said…
The Cliff house makes a scenic picture and I imagine the view from inside is great too. Love the colorful umbrellas on the beach!
Angela said…
I would love to have a view like that every day! Beautiful :)
eileeninmd said…
The cliff house must have a wonderful view. Great scenic shot.
Buckeroomama said…
This looks like such a great place for some peace and quiet. :)
Ann said…
What a beautiful view that is. I'm with Angela I would like to see that every day too
A beautiful setting with a dreamy view! Delightful photo!
Sharkbytes (TM) said…
Huh! I guess we missed seeing that when we were there. Beautiful.
Y. Ikeda said…
Thanks for commenting on my blog!
Is it your cliff house?? This shot is gorgeous and the view from the cliff house must be breathtaking! Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful picture, so majestic sitting on the cliff. Would love to wee the veiw from inside the house looking out.
Linnea said…
Wonderful lighting and coloring. I haven't been here since they redid this restaurant. Great shot. Enjoy the rainy day!
Life Ramblings said…
a beautiful and peaceful setting. nice capture.
Diane, It houses three restaurants, a bar and a gift shop. The views are absolutely amazing inside. The food isn't bad either :D

Angela, I try to get out there at least once a week.

Eileen, it has a gorgeous view. Thank you.

Buckeroomama, it is pretty serene and peaceful at times. Thanks for stopping by.

Ann, it is quite a view for sure.

Greyscale, thank you so much.

Shark, Yeah, it's not always on the tourist attraction brochures and sights, though it should be. Thanks.

Y Ikeda, oh no :) It actually now is a restaurant and bar with amazing views. I wish I did own it :D

Molly, it is a restaurant so the patrons always have a fantastic view from inside. Thanks for commenting.

Linnea, you should check it out. Personally I miss the bar that used to be there back in the day. We used to go there every Friday night. It still is pretty cool though. They are in the midst of painting the outside now.

Life, thank you so much :)
Anonymous said…
that's a house? a single family home? WoW it huge!

happy sunday
Anonymous said…
Pretty view.
AVCr8teur said…
One of my favorite places in San Francisco especially on a beautiful day when you took your picture.
Tricia, It is actually and landmark building that houses three restaurants, a bar and a gift shop. Thanks for visiting.

flutietootie, absolutely, thank you.

Karen, I so agree, I just love it out there. thanks, my friend.
indicaspecies said…
Very pretty, and the colorful beach umbrella adds character to the picture.
Goodness gracious, what a house. Talk about "location, location, location!" Beautiful. Found you on Scenic Sunday...I'll be back!
Gary Orona said…
It must be nice to be there.

Great shot!
ruthi said…
is this a lone structure in the area? it looks stunning.

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