Sundays in my City - San Francisco Giants World Series Victory Parade

Market Street before the parade.

We waited fifty two years for this World Series win and it did not disappoint. I have lived in San Francisco all my life and seen many parades including the SF 49er Super Bowl parades in the 80's, yet I have never experienced anything like this. It was sheer jubilation, pride and one big party in the streets. There was an estimated crowd of a half million people though it felt like much more. To be a part of this was so memorable and exciting! Below is a link to my album of photographs for the day with more pics and video below. Enjoy!

The World Series Trophy

The entire parade route was decorated with these balloons.

There was ten thousand pounds of orange, black and white confetti being dropped from atop high rises along Montgomery Street.

There were fans atop buildings and high rises trying to get a glimpse of their heroes.

Since I took video of Tim Lincecum I had to get a snapshot of the video below in order to have a still picture.

This is a short/short clip of Tim Lincecum going by on the Cable Car. Unless you were right in the front row, it was virtually impossible to get good photos and video. We were about 25 deep so when I heard he was coming through, I turned the video on, raised the camera and hoped for the best. At least I got 4 seconds of him :)

Each player rode in their own motorized cable car along with their entourage.

Crowd control at Civic Center Plaza.

The crowds at Civic Center Plaza after the parade, going wild.

Partying in the streets after the parade.

Unknown Mami

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Duni said…
Looks spectacular!
I noticed that most people are wearing short must have mild weather still! Feel a bit envious now ;-)
BLOGitse said…
wow, I guess you enjoyed the parade! :)
Happy Sunday!
Kebeni said…
forgive my ignorance but is this football, baseball or basketball?
Gary said…
It's so good to see happy faces. Congrats, Joanne!
I am so happy for your city! : ) It was like that in Philadelphia a few years ago too. I had never seen anything like it. Total jubilation. Congratulations to your Giants! What a great post! So glad you could experience it!
jakill said…
That looks like an incredible experience, Jo. Thnaks for sharing it.
What a joyous occasion! Looks so much fun, and exciting..Congrats to the Giant.
Ruth said…
Whoa! This really looks like a historic grand celebration. Must be full of fun and jubilation. Congratulations!!!!
chasity said…
congrats to your city...
that would have been fun.

i love to visit san fransisco.
Duni, yes that particular day is was in the 80's. We had a series of warm days yet today, it's raining. Always a surprise in SF what the weather will do :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Blogtise, yes, it was so much fun.

Kebeni, it's not ignorance at all. This is Baseball and it was such a big win because it's been 52 years since the team won a world series championship. Thanks so much for commenting.

Gary, thanks for the kind words.

Life with Kaishon, Thanks, yeah it is definitely something that brings everyone together.

Jean, it was and thanks to you for stopping by.

Mumsy, it was so much fun, thanks.

Ruth, you captured it perfectly, historic and grand is exactly what it was, thank you.

Chasity, thanks, you should come out sometime, you would love it.
☺lani☺ said…
Wow, looking at the pictures show how fun on that day! Nice city you have! Happy week ahead of you!
Diane AZ said…
Looks like it was exciting for everyone there! I love the orange, black and white confetti.:)
Unknown Mami said…
You did a fantastic job of capturing the jubilation.
Sonya said…
Congrats to your city!! Im so loving the confetti shot!
Josep said…
What a great day you had! I'm now a Giants super fan.
AVCr8teur said…
Thanks for sharing your pictures. How were you able to get so close to that trophy?! I am glad the wait is over for you! :) I was watching it closer to Civic Center, but would have loved to have seen the ticket tape parade where you were standing.
Ann said…
That is one happy crowd. I bet that was a lot of fun but I would hate to be the one to have to clean up all that confetti :)
MedaM said…
Yongratulations to your city. What lovely and exciting day you all had! I enjoyed all the photos very much. Great job you've done here!
MedaM said…
Ups, sorry for misprint, I meant to say Congratulations.:-)
DoanLegacy said…
This looks like a fun occasion for the whole city to come together..Fantastic photos!
Lee Ann said…
Wow! Looks like a great party. I hope your city soaks up every moment x
Anonymous said…
Wow, that looks like an amazing parade. You can feel the excitement through the photos. Thanks for sharing.
lani, we had a great time and a wonderful week ahead to you as well.

Diane, we were doused with the confetti. I got home with some of it still in my hair :)

Thanks, Mami it was a blast!!!

Sonya, yeah the confetti was coming down like rain.

Josep, you certainly are :)

Karen, I found out afterwards that the Giants wanted the trophy paraded around so that the fans could get photos and pose with it. At the time I saw it, I didn't know that. We began the day on Montgomery and Market for the parade and ended the day at Civic Center.

Ann, I know huh! When we left and were walking to the bus station, they already had the leaf blowers out cleaning the confetti and streets. I have to admit they were on top of it and by the next day you never would have know there was a parade. It was amazing.

MeDam, thank you so much, it was a truly memorable occasion.

doan, it really was. Everyone was so happy.

Lee Ann, In this city, we party all the time, we're pros :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

myrelish, You are welcome and thank you.
RNSANE said…
So glad I finally got to see the parade. I think yours were as good as the news. I tried to look at the video of "partying at Civic Center Plaza" - hoped I might see Jeremy - but all that jiggling up and down made my already queasy stomach begin to protest.

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