Thursday Two Questions #9

The Corner of Montgomery and Sutter in downtown San Francisco

Facing your fears.

Ever since I was a child I have always been afraid of heights. I have however on several occasions faced this fear, including being on the roof of a high rise in downtown SF, much like one of these buildings. I had a friend who worked security for the Embarcadero 4 building and took me to the roof to show me the view. Even though it was a beautiful view, I would not go near the edge of the building or even look down. That was decades ago and since then I have faced this fear a few more times. I have to admit I am still afraid but it gets easier and easier as you face your fears.

1. What is your greatest fear?

2. Have you ever faced your fear?

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Andrea said…
We have the same fear, and i experienced wobbling knees and feeling of collapsing due to this fear. The ledge of high places make me sick too. This prevented me from trying to do the zipline even if everybody of our group of 7 has to ride except me. When i see that the zipline is really above the towering trees and waterfalls, i really begged off and stayed back. Grrrr!
♥-Icy BC-♥ said…
Oh Jo..I'm thinking, my brain hurts!!I'll come back later after I find my greatest fear!
Ann said…
I honestly can't think of anything that I have that much of a fear of. I'm sure I have them but nothing is coming to mind right now
♥-Icy BC-♥ said…
Ok Jo, I'm back to answer your questions:

1) My greatest fear is to drive up the hills, and going down hills in San Francisco. Although I didn't drive when I was there, I closed my eyes, gripped on to my seat, and clenched my teeth..

2) I haven't face that fear yet! I refuse to drive in San Francisco!
Dave said…
beautiful skylines.

1. my wife
2. always

Dani said…
1. thunders.
2. I did go out once when it was thundering and lightning. I went out together with friends, so it was less scary and we danced in the rain. Since then thunders, for me, are just natural phenomenon. I wouldn't go out again, though. Just once to face the fear.:)
Margaret Duarte said…
Each day, I face a new fear, and each day I have to overcome it by thinking positive and keeping busy. Usually my fears have no basis and are a waste of energy and time. I think it wise to fear heights and to stay away from the edge of buildings. Fear of heights is a survial skill that's wired into our brains for a reason.
Luna Miranda said…
i love this perspective. i feel like an ant.:p

fear of sickness or death are logical fears. i have a crazy fear of going to the dentist, and an illogical fear of not recognizing words.:p

yes, i have faced my fear of going to the dentist a couple of times. i had a panic attack one time, but i didn't die. so i know i can do it again. LOL
RNSANE said…
I, too, am afraid of heights - well, open long as I'm enclosed, it's okay...but I have been up in a hot air balloon twice in Napa and, once, in Puerto Vallarta, I cannot believe I went parasailing. I was about
43, much skinnier and with a group of friends.
They had all done it and I was jealous. I was so scared, I wouldn't go up with my camera. The next day, I did it again, camera and all. Never since, though.

As a child, growing up in Columbus, GA, we were very poor but my mother struggled to pay the tuition to send me to Catholic school across the Chattahoochee River in Phenix City, Alabama. I got money every day to ride the bus. Most of the time, though, I would walk the train trestle over the river to save the money ( no rails or anything! ). As often as I did it, I was always terrified, keeping my eyes on the light indicator that a train was coming. At several points along the way, a platform extended out over the river that you could get out on, with the train whizzing by, about five feet from you. Three times, I waited there, staring down at the water, while it roared next to me.
Donnie said…
My greatest fear is that something will happen to my children or grandchildren before me.

The only way for me to face this fear is to pray and trust in God.
Maia said…
I get dizzy just looking at your photo, an amazing shot though.

1. I'm superstitious, so I don't tell my greatest fear.
2. Even if you face or control it, it will always exist.

Thanks for stopping by.
Self Sagacity said…
I am afraid of heights too. I don't think I will ever want to face that fear. The other fear has always been my mother, but not in a frightening way, if you know what I mean, and this fear - I will never ever dare to face in this lifetime.
DoanLegacy said…
1) Greatest fear for me is to get burn or drowning..

2) Haven't face that fear yet, but even when I see it on TV, I'm terrified!
betchai said…
we have similar fear of heights Jo, but slowly I have overcome it, I still fear being on top, but I can face it more now. My greatest fear is driving on very windy road with vertical drop off, though I am not the one driving, but I always close my eyes despite everyone in the car would tell me the view is magnificent, I can just not take the height when the car is moving at the same time.
Anonymous said…
Thank you, this is another great post!!! And yes I have learned by facing my fears is what gets rid of them, instead of running from them. I have found the more I run away from a fear, the stronger . . . the fear becomes!

God Bless you!!!
Andrea, While that zipline seems like fun, it scares me too. I know the feeling. Thanks for answering.

Ann, I applaud you for not having any, I wish I could say the same for myself :)

Icy, I understand that one. Some of the hills here are so steep. I have always take public transportation here, I've never really driven. For me, even taking a cable car, which I do not do very often is a bit scary down some of those hills. Thanks, my friend.

Dave, LOL!!! All I can do is laugh at that one :D

Dani, and what a great way to face it, dancing in the rain. I was once caught out by the bay during and rain and thunderstorm and have to say it was so beautiful to watch.

Margaret, that is a very good point. Survival skills are a basic instinct. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

Luna, well that makes sense, going to the dentist is always going to be a physically painful experience so I can sympathize with you on that.

Carmen, I didn't know you were afraid of heights and it's good you are not afraid of enclosed heights with all the flying you do. The train fear makes sense as well and as I mentioned in another response it's that basic instinct survival fear that kicks in.

Donnie, That is the most terrifying fear and you have a good attitude to trust in God. Thank you.

Maia, That is so true, even facing it doesn't make it go away. Thanks so much for answering.

Self,Very interesting and thank you for stopping by and commenting.

Doan, let's hope you never face either of those two fear. I too am afraid of fire, very much. It is terrifying. Thanks for commenting.

betchai, I feel the same way you do when going up highway 50 over Donner Summit. It is gorgeous up there but the road is so windy and narrow that even though I am not driving it scares me so much.

Lon, very good point that running away from anything will not solve the problem or take away the fear. Thanks so much for answering.
SquirrelQueen said…
I guess my biggest fear is also heights but only open ones like sheer cliffs. It's not so much a fear of heights as a fear of falling!

Since it is only certain circumstances it's kind of hard to face. I love to fly in small planes and mountains or high enclosed buildings don't bother me.

I'm catching up tonight, my computer has been a little finicky all week.

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