Skywatch Friday - Downtown San Francisco High Rises

The Transamerica Pyramid building at a slant.

The Bank of America Headquarters building

The Embarcadero Center

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Martha Z said…
A new slant on the Transamerica building, I like that. There is lots of interesting architecture in San Francisco.
I imagine you see a lot of paragliders over the beach where you are. They are so colorful that they are fun to shoot.
Gary Orona said…
Beautiful angles. Nice shots!
Martha, There are many paragliders out in Pacifica and it is so cool to watch them. Thanks for the comment.

Gary, Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.
Anonymous said…
A deep bow in respect of this photography. Art ! Please have a good weekend.

daily athens
Ann said…
Just look at that clear blue sky. Love the angle on the first shot. Very cool
***Icy BC said…
I love your creative angles in these photos, Jo..They are interesting to see.
eileeninmd said…
Fantastic shots of the buildings and sky.
They look amazing. I love the angle in the first photo... We have one or two weird buildings here, but nothing on this scale.

Actually, I live about 100 yards from Boston Stump which was the world's tallest building for over 300 years :-)
Lynette Killam said…
Great shots! In Vancouver, we're big fans of San Francisco as there are many similarities between the two beautiful cities. I particularly like your angle on the Transamerica Building pic!

Thanks for stopping by my page and leaving a lovely message...:)

RNSANE said…
Great shots - I hope that Transamerica Pyramid never tilts like that in a super quake. Do you know I've never been inside that building?

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