Watery Wednesday - Rocky Cliffs at Ocean Beach

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Hi, beautiful pictures.. is nice to see the seafrom here..
Dejemonos, thanks, it was such a beautiful day that I was able to capture that seafoam. Thank you.
march on... said…
love how the water seems to be creeping on the rock
march on, I love that too, it's just so soothing. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

J Bar, Thank you.
Luna Miranda said…
i love how you captured the surging waves. terrific shots.
Luna, thank you, it took a while but I didn't mind waiting for the perfect moment. Thanks :)
imaginationlane said…
Spectacular photos! Few things are as rousing as the ocean's waves crashing onto a rocky shore...:)
ewok1993 said…
always beautiful every time I see it.
It's a little scary standing on the edge of a continent. Your photos show the power of the ocean.

Thanks for your comments and deciding to follow. Allow me to return the favor.
Darlene said…
Your photos are absolutely beautiful. I love your video clip of the ocean. It is such a peaceful place to go to. I miss it so much. It has been far too long after growing up somewhat nearby and having a view from our house of the skyline and being able to visit rather often. Thank you for visiting my Blog. I will try your suggestion to help my Vertigo. I sure do appreciate your help. It is hard to live with at times. I love this background photo as I sit here commenting on your Blog. Beautiful.
Irene said…
Lovely shots! And thanks for visiting!
RNSANE said…
You must have been feeling a lot better, Jo, to get those wonderful, swirling photos. Great ones.
indicaspecies said…
Waves crashing into rocks!
These pictures would help one to write some poetry.
Have a lovely day.:)
NatureFootstep said…
the last two photos are very nice. I like the colors on the rock and sand in contrast to the waves.
Ann said…
Love the shots. there is just so calming about the water. Even when the wind is blowing and the waves are crashing it still calms the soul.
eileeninmd said…
I love the wave action at the beach. Beautiful captures.
***Icy BC said…
What a magnificent shots, Jo..They are just fantastic..
gengen said…
So beautiful out there...happy WW!
Y. Ikeda said…
Thanks for commenting on my blog.
That's a great series of rocks and waves!
Kim, USA said…
A great capture and love the sound of the water. Happy Wednesday!
Watery Wednesday
imagination lane, I totaly agree, thank you

ewok, I love it as well.

Oakland, I never thought of it that way. Thanks so much.

Darlene, Where is it that you lived nearby? Yes, I hope the peppermint can help you. Thanks

Irene, Thank you

Carmen, I am not better at all. I schedule posts weeks in advance. This was done weeks ago.

indicaspecies, ah yes, poetry along with these would be wonderful :)

Nature footstep, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

Ann, I know what you mean, it is so powerful yet calms the soul. Thank you.

gengen, thank you and happy WW to you as well.

Y Ikeda, thank you so much.

Kim, It's very soothing, thank you.
ruthi said…
the waves are gorgeous... are they freezing cold?

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