Thursday Two Questions #10

1. What do you do to pass the time on an airplane? I took this shot atop the hill at Seton Medical Center while visiting Carmen. The planes fly very low in that area and with my zoom lens I was really pleased with this shot. For me, I like listening to music for a short flight or sleeping on a long flight.

2. What In The World Caused This? I'll give you a hint, it has to do with photography settings.

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Dani said…
1. well, I had 10 hour-flight this September I had plenty of time. So I slept, I read a book, I took photos..watched the people around...

2. the moon?

Nice shots.
Ann said…
I haven't been on a plane in decades so I couldn't tell you what I would do. I suppose I would either have my laptop and be doing something on that or I would be reading.

As for the picture I think it's a picture of the moon.
Anonymous said…
1. Mostly trying to remember a few lines of poetry.
2. Maybe a reflection of light?

Please have you all a wonderful Thursday.
Sweepy said…
Woof! I was sent by my human - Lui.

1. The last time I was on a plane I passed out and everybody went ballistic because they hate dogs on the plane and I hate the departure and arrival noise.

2. That effect happens when you take pictures with a shaky hand or when you take pictures of a bird and instead you captured a passing ghost!

Now, please tell me why human bloggers don't have normal names like me? You are poetic shutterbug and I just came from self sagacity. Are you guys animals like me?

Got to go before Lui shoos me off!
Margaret Duarte said…
1. On my long flight to Holland, I slept a lot. I also watched the featured movie. Since I rarely watch TV or go to the movies, this was quite a new experience for me.

2. I have no idea. But you're making me want to pick up my camera and do some experimenting.
Hi Jo
I recently got back from Singapore. And eventhough its just a short flight, 3 hours, I still slept the whole time lol
I have no idea what caused the 2nd pic lol
Andrea said…
Well, i always watch movies on long flights, but i cannot sleep much because i'm afraid i might snore and what a shame to neighbors, haha! I also got 2 moons in one frame, and i didn't know how it happened. Do you know how so i can repeat it? thanks.
Krysten said…
To pass the time on the plane, I either sleep, look out at the clouds, or listen to my music on my phone.

I think the second picture was due to an unsteady hand.
lina said…
I can't really sleep even on long-haul flight. I'd spend my time watching all the movies they have on board. :)
Unknown said…
Nice capture... :) and here are my answer,

1) I will either listen to music or read.. :)

2) A shaky take of moon or reflection of light?
Unknown said…
for short flights, read and listen to music. for long flights, watch movies. i watched 4 movies during my atlanta-manila flight last year.:p

i have no idea on the 2nd photo. it's probably when your subject is moving and you didn't change the setting.:p
Daisy said…
I have flown on an airplane twice! I had to go under the seat though. I spent the entire time with my eyes wide open because I was skerred.
Donnie said…
I don't fly anymore.

It looks like a great multiple moon shot.
Kass said…
I make up stories in my head about the people sitting around me.
Secondary Roads said…
#2 is the moon. The effect is caused by a long exposure time. Hope you are doing well.
Icy BC said…
1) On a long flight, I read, or sleep, or chatting with my companions.

2) That has to be the moon!
Unknown said…
1. what I do on the plane it depends what time is the flight, if it is a very morning one, I usually try to sleep, but if I had a good night sleep before my flight I always have a book with me so I can pass the time reading.
2. I've no idea what caused it.
DoanLegacy said…
1) On a long flight I tend to take a nap or playing card game with my child.

That's a nice capture of the airplane!

2) I am going out of my way to say it's a feather..
AVCr8teur said…
1. Read, watch the movie that's playing, or play games. 2. Looks like you're taking a picture of something in the sky, but you shook the camera during a long exposure.
Sharkbytes said…
Looks like the moon, but with jiggles- long exposure would just make a blur.
I enjoy reading while flying.

Have not a clue about the second photo.

BTW...nice shot of the plane!
Self Sagacity said…
1) I really like to blog if I can. When I used to travel for work on a long flight, I worked on projects, it made time go by so fast. With family, forget it, I can't barely breathe in peace. But looking at a magazine is nice.

2) I think your camera went out of focus, it is a white bird, dove.
SquirrelQueen said…
I read, listen to music or sleep. If I have a good window seat I take photos and watch the scenery.

It is definitely the moon and either you had it on time lapse setting or moved the camera.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Thanks for all of your answers, this was fun as always.

The second shot I took at dusk, without image stabilization on and without adjusting my ISO speed, not to mention an unsteady hand and without flash. So, this was a shot of the moon that looks a little strange in this picture. I kind of liked the effect, though.

Thanks everyone.
ruthi said…
1. I people watch.
2. Wrong setting of... gee, I don't know which button. hehehe

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