Thursday Two Questions #8

Those of you who know me well know that I love waffles. I crave them and can never get enough of them. If I knew I could eat them daily without getting sick I'd be eating them 24/7. I am so obsessed that when planning a trip, one of the first things I do a search for are waffles in whatever area I am traveling. I obviously need help :)

1. What food or foods do you crave?

2. How often do you give in to your cravings?

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Hello! I'm pretty new to blogging, but I've stumbled upon your page and see that our two questions are quite similiar! haha

I basically crave a lot of things, but I think I can always go for chicken pad thai, sushi, or any dessert!

I think I try to satisfy my cravings every couple weeks.
Luna Miranda said…
oh, your waffle looks delicious! waffle is one of my comfort foods, especially after seeing a doctor. there is a cafe serving great waffles near the clinic.:p

as for cravings--oh, i have plenty! i crave for salmon sashimi, pork cracklings, chocolates and ice cream, jellyfish salad, spicy food. i usually give in to sashimi and jellyfish salad, occasionally to spicy food, not often to chocolates; ice cream--just once in a while, except in the summer--i give in almost every night!:p
Dave said…
junk foods for me, i know its not nice but a always crave for them.

and almost always I gave in.
Andrea said…
A word of caution: That is not a very healthy habit, you should be kind to your pancreas and kidneys. Americans have a very high rate of diabetes, hehe! I know all the good things, but of course i also dont follow what are in my head! Soooo, i love croissants and Danish pastries plus coffee. Never mind chocolates and ice creams and pies, i never crave for them. At least i have only a few things giving me direct simple sugars!
lina said…
I crave for anything sinfully sweet - chocolates, cakes, sweets.... :D
Donnie said…
I imagine I crave cheesecake but don't buy it often because of the calories.

I would say maybe only 1-2 times a year. Also I never make it at home or I would pick at the cheesecake so much there wouldn't be anything left for anyone else.
♥-Icy BC-♥ said…
1) I often crave for pho, a VN noodle with beef and bean sprout..

2) I try to satisfy my craving whenever it gets to me..

Your waffle looks delicious, and I'm hungry :-)
Cathy Kennedy said…
I just recalled a recent craving I had was for french fries, which is so odd. We don't eat at fast food places. So, to have french fries is a real rarity unless I make them at home. But, we were dining out a few weeks ago and we ordered some fries at Outback Restaurant and they were delicious.
Margaret Duarte said…
Oh my I had my comment all written out and then it disappeared. Here we go again. Since I already answer a similar question of Krysten's blog, I'll come up with a new answer. I love banana splits. So did my grandmother and my mother, so it must be a genetic thing. When my grandmother came to visit from Holland, we would always indulge. My mother was known to order a banana split in place of a meal. Since they are now both gone, I rarely indulge. It's a calorie thing. I'm always watching my waistline. Maybe it's time for a change.
bessye said…
Hi Joanne, I also love waffles but not everyone can make them well. Usually when I get them out, they are too dry and hard, butter won't melt etc. So your taking a risk when ordering. That's the first thing for breakfast that I want to order. Yours looks pretty good however...hummm

Self Sagacity said…
I have cravings for dry squid- one of my loves- one dollar for a small squid! It could add up when you can't stop at one. Warning, don't try it, it's not for everyone and the faint heart. Seafood salad, crabs, delicious Vietnamese fondue! I can't believe you and Krysten have the same question, what a coincidence. haha
I always give in to food. Swim the far seas and climb the highest mountains to get my fix.
Ann said…
I don't have one particular food that I have cravings for. I tend to go in spurts where I suddenly think of something that I haven't had in a very long time. Then I just obsess over it until I finally make it.
Lui said…

Not too often which is why I crave for it.

I crave for ice cream so I take flavored yogurt. I crave for cakes so I take a slice. Moderation helps.
Ewa said…
oh, no, now I want a waffle!
What do I crave? ,hmmm... lately it's chocolote with nuts, and if I could I have one bar a day :)
Gale said…
1. I crave fruit, juice and chocholate a lot...the fruit is good for me, and the juice is not that bad for me, so I give in all the time on that. The chocholate is even a little good (yeah antioxidents!) but I would let myself give into that anyways. I get one of those pieces with little squares and have a square a day.
Sharkbytes (TM) said…
Moose Tracks Ice Cream, and veggies- Every day (although I ration the ice cream)
Thanks so much to all of you as it is so much fun learning all these things about all of you. So much fun.
SquirrelQueen said…
Well after opening your page to see a delicious looking waffle I suddenly have a craving for one of those.

Ice cream is my weakness but I try to stick to frozen yogurt or fat free. I don't indulge as much as I would like to, that way it is more of a special treat.
DoanLegacy said…
1) I crave for fried chicken some times, especially Popeye chicken..

2) As often as my finance allowed.
RNSANE said…
Marzipan - as often as my budget allow!! Which is seldom since my job loss. Darn that mayor.

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