Sundays in my City - Lake Merced in San Francisco

Unknown Mami
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RNSANE said…
Jo, I whiz by here all the time without barely taking a glance. I'll have to stop and really take a look, one of these days!
BLOGitse said…
What a place to spend a day!
Maia said…
The landscape is very beautiful around your city.
Lovely shots.
Icy BC said…
Gorgeous views, calm and peaceful!
Ann said…
what a pretty view.
nothingprofound said…
There's a thin glaze of mist over these pictures which beautifully captures the feeling of early morning.
betchai said…
beautiful landscapes Jo, I especially love the last one, the composition makes for really a very dramatic and peaceful scene
Annie said…
Curious vista, Joanne. I've never heard of Lake Merced. I can't picture this in San Francisco (Golden Gate Park?) It seems so big. I'm wondering, is it actually near/around San Francisco?
Kirby3131 said…
What a lovely place!

Kristin - The Goat
via SIMC
Carmen, you should stop and take shots.

Blogtise, it is a great place to hang out.

Maia, it really is, thank you.

Josep, so many people run, jog and walk the lake for exercise. I just go for pics :)

Icy, yes it is very peaceful there.

Ann, thank you.

nothingprofound, I was there in the morning and it was just gorgeous.

betchai, thanks, I tried to capture the serenity there.

Annie, yes it is in San Francisco very near me. I live in the Sunset. It's out by the Parkmerced apartments.
urban muser said…
looks like a beautiful place.
Sonya said…
Beautiful view!! It looks really private..are you allowed to swim or boat in there?
urban, it is very tranquil there.

Sonya, I've seen boaters there but I would not swim there. There is high algae production and it is very murky,
Unknown Mami said…
Yup, I've driven by so many times and never really stopped to enjoy. I must remember to stop and enjoy.
ian said…
wow- this looks like a very tranquil place, in the middle of a city teeming with urbanity. a welcome respite i'm sure =]
Ann said…
It is Sunday, Your beautiful scenery is inviting you to go for a walk.
EG Wow said…
It looks so peaceful!
Marla said…
Great photos. Haven't been there in years so this was fun to see.
Lon said…
Oh wow!!! These photos really make me feel at peace!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

God Bless you!!!
Joanna Jenkins said…
All the time I've spent in San Francisco I've never been tot he Lake. Thanks for sharing the pics. It looks so peaceful there. Happy SIMC, jj
AVCr8teur said…
You picked a beautiful day to photograph the lake. It is usually overcast when I drive by.
Very pretty and peaceful.
yoon see said…
Thanks for sharing these spectacular views with us. The scenery of the lake look so rediant, settleing, calm and wonderful to me.

It's great to have a lento pace here to enjoy the scene. You must have fun touring the whole lake by looking at these different angles of the photos.

Well done and keep it up!
Evelyn said…
Hope you had a nice weekend. Looks like it was a nice day, clear blue sky and a lovely big lake.
Sharkbytes said…
I like how muted the scenes look.
Mami, it really is nice on a warm day and it has a cute little wooden bridge where you can get some great shots.

ian, it really is, thanks for stopping by.

Ann, yes it is :)

Eg, it has a very calming effect.

Marla, it hasn't changed much at all but still beautiful. Thank you

Lon, you are welcome and I'm glad you like them

Joanne, you should drop by there one of these days, you'll love it.

Karen, I know :) that's exactly why I chose that day because I saw that rarity in the sky - the sun :D

As Cape Cod turns, thanks so much

yoon see, thank you so much for dropping in and offering your kind words. Very much appreciated.

Evelyn, it was a gorgeous day.

Shark, that is straight out of the camera. I never alter my shots other than cropping. I hate photoshopped shots that display fake colors and lighting. I like reality in my shots. This lake is not the most colorful but very peaceful and real. Thanks, my friend, for stopping by.
Erin said…
WOW the water is really low!! I remember taking a power walking class in college and we would walk around the lake, I was hooked!
Jen said…
have I mentioned how much I need a vacation here!? NOW!
newmami_rgv said…
So jealous! When I was younger We'd go to the a local lake, but nothing like this... beautiful.
Thanks for sharing!

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