Macro Flowers Saturday - Explosion in White

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MySnaps said…
wooo...macro beauties in white :)
Anonymous said…
Oh, these are amazing! The white leaves just glow and the dewdrops look poised to escape at any moment! Wonderful captures...I must check out this meme myself...looks like fun...:)
Liz said…
Gorgeous blooms! You did a great job capturing them. :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

Liz @ MLC
Gary said…
White always look good --- and clean.

Your post is a very Clean Explosion. Nice photos and a good title to go with it.
Vicky said…
great shots of the white beauties! *like*
Annie said…
Spectacular, Joanne.
You always fascinates me with your macro shots.
Maia said…
Gorgeous white blossom collection.
I like the crepe-paper-like petals of the first one. Beautiful macros, all of them.
Ann said…
Love them all but that third on really stands out to me. Beautiful
MedaM said…
Absolutely beautiful series of macro photos! Thanks for sharing with us!
Have a nice weekend!
NatureFootstep said…
I love your explosion in white. (as long as it is not snow) :)
Gorgeous macro shots! All the detail is amazing!
Ewa said…
such a great set of white flowers!
sweetmemoirs said…
beautiful white flower collection!
Sheila said…
All beautiful but the top one - a poppy? - catches my eye.
Bossy Betty said…
Yowza Baby! You just woke me up! The first is my favorite!
My snaps, thanks for the visit and comment.

imaginationlane, thank you and yes, do check it out, it's one of my favorite memes.

Liz, thank you and you have a great weekend as well.

Gary, glad you like them and thank you so much

Vicky, :) Thank you so much

Annie, Thank you

RS, fascination is good :) Thanks

Maia, I love those paper petals as well. Thanks so much

Ann, thanks, yes, that one has depth.

MedaM, Thanks and to you as well, enjoy!

Nature Footstep, HaHa, funny you should mention snow. Although we never have snow here, it is predicted over the mountain peaks this weekend. It's a treat for us :)

Mumsy, thank you so much

Ewa, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts

sweet memoirs, thank you very much.

Sheila, glad you enjoyed that one, thanks.

Betty, :) you always make me smile. I love my daily doses of Betty :)

Gardening in a sandbox, Thank you so much
Tezzie said…
Beautiful, all of them...I especially love the first one!
Jama said…
Magnificent macro, I love all the photos.
Ruthi said…
you capture the bee pretty good. so macro nice.

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