Skywatch Friday - Sunset Over Ocean Beach in San Francisco

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Tarun Mitra said…
your skywatch had left me wordless...looks like desert has taken over the skies
gorgeous skies,made me feel the warmth hug of nature!
Wanda said…
Yes, this one takes my breath away!!! WOW!!!!
veredit said…
what a beautiful morning!!!
Self Sagacity said…
The clouds in picture # 2 are crazy! So much going on.
Beautiful! The sky just seems to go on forever :-)
Andrea said…
They are so very dramatic, and the composition to make it look like a fan si so fabulous.
ascu75 aka Don said…
I love these shots red sky reminds me of long summer days and beaches we have lost our red sky here in England at the moment a thing called winter has taken over BRRRR have a good week. XXX Don

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Beautiful, fragile cloud shapes and colours!
Sadia Hussain said…
Magnificent images , and a perfect background!
rainfield61 said…
You have made the sky looks so big, which in fact is very big.
♥-Icy BC-♥ said…
Beautiful sky photos, Jo, and I see that you've changed the color and feel of your blog too..It's very pretty!
Johnny Nutcase said…
that sky is crazy lookin'! i'd probably be starring at it forever!
Shirley said…
These are beautiful!
Ann said…
What a beautiful sunset that is. Just breathtaking
Tarun, it does, doesn't it? couldn't believe it when I saw it myself. Thank you for stopping by.

coffieveggie, what a wonderful comment. Thank you.

Wanda, thank you so much :)

J Bar, thank you

veredit, thank you.

self, I know and these shots were all taken within minutes of each other.

John, it really does, thank you.

Andrea, I didn't notice that but it does look like a fan, thank you

ascu75, yes, thank you. We had some beautiful Summer like days this past week, however a rainstorm coming the next few days.

Grayscale, thank you so much.

Sadia, you are so sweet, thank so much.

Rainfiled, Yes I can create any sky you like :D

Luna, thank you so much

Icy, thank you, yes I decided to change it according to my mood. Since I'm so moody, it could change very often :D

wenn, thank you.

Johnny, thanks, it was tough for me to tear myself away from it.

Shirley, thank you so much.
Ann, I was mesmerized by it as well. Thank you.
Hi, so beautiful pictures.. colors at that time of the day are magnificent. i loved it..
You have nice pictures here..
Dejemonos, thank you, I just happened to be coming home at the perfect time to snap these shots.
Denise said…
Absolutely breathtaking skies! A beautiful sunset!
Maia said…
Gorgeous sunset photos, including the one in the header. I like those sulky, pink clouds.
You have a nice new layout too.
Denise, thank you so much, It was an intense sunset.

Maia, Thanks, it was striking and I'm glad I got the shots when I did because for the next few days it will be stormy here. I change the layout every so often to match my moods. Thank you.
SquirrelQueen said…
Wow, what a beautiful mackerel sky. I love all the pinks.

Your new look is gorgeous.
Katie said…
Those. Are. Beautiful!!!
Gabriela Abalo said…
awesome skies!!!

thanks for visiting my place :)

by the way I got a Canon 7D ;)

cheers from Uruguay
Squirrel, thanks so much and have a great weekend.

Katie, thanks, I am glad you like them.

Gabriela, Thanks and how wonderful. That is a great camera. I can't wait to see your shots :)
CherylK said…
Just lovely! I love sky photos, anyway, but these are spectacular. Makes me miss California...not sure I'll get out there, this winter. Darn.
Cheryl, I have to admit that experiencing this particular sunset first hand simply had me mesmerized. I hope you can get out here soon. Let me know when you have plans.
ruthi said…
sunsets are always stunning any part of the world i guess. but you capture them breathtakingly beautiful in SF.

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