Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants!!!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! To The San Francisco Giants - World Series Champions!!!

There will be a celebration parade on Wednesday so I will have more photos and hopefully some video for you later in the week, probably on Sunday.
We're On A San Francisco High - Giants, This Song Is For You

Courtesy of ABC7 News

We Love You Timmy!!!

A die hard fan


Annie said…
Total delirium. Over the moon. Fab truck.
Self Sagacity said…
We are very happy here too. I bet the city is still partying with this new victory!
lina said…
Congrats to the team and the fans! :)
Anonymous said…
Joanne - Congratulations to a wonderful city and an amazing team -
Annie, That truck was pretty cool. The guy was driving around the neighborhood honking at everyone.

Self, The city has not stopped partying and it will continue through tomorrow during the parade. It's so much fun :)

lina, thank you, it's exciting.

HalfLife, Ah, thanks so much for the congrats and kind words.
Ann said…
Well congrats tot he Giants and all their fans. That's one cool truck
SquirrelQueen said…
Love that truck, that is so cool. Congrats to the Giants.
AVCr8teur said…
I really like the truck and you were lucky enough to see it driving through your neighborhood. Did you make it out to the parade today?

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