Guest Post - The Last Time I Saw You, by Liz Paez

Photo by Joanne Olivieri - Verse by Liz Paez

The last time I saw you-
dad, was that really you?
Defeated by the anger of your own childhood
Conquered by the only pain you knew.

The last time I saw you-
Dad, it was hard to watch.
Unidentifiable actions, and unrecognized thoughts

The last time I saw you-
Dad, that was all I could hear
force felt through the walls, sounds of sirens near

The last time I saw you-
Dad, how can this be?
The last time I saw you
You weren't loving me


rainfield61 said…
But hopefully this was not the last time to see him...
Ann said…
What a sad poem.
*MrsMartinez* said…
Hi Jo
I love the colors blue and purple playing in the picture. What was the black liquid falling off?
Photo Cache said…
what a powerful combo of words and image.
Kass said…
Interesting photo. I'm wondering why you put it with that verse...?
Sharkbytes (TM) said…
That is a great picture. You do such wonderful images.
Self Sagacity said…
Sad and touching. Short but right to the point.
rainfield, thanks for your thoughts. Hopefully she will see him again.

Ann, it really is and when I read her work it always touches me.

Michelle, it's actually water which gives the effect of tears.

Kass, I wanted to publish her poetry with something dark that displayed tears so I created that photo specifically for Liz's poem.

Shark, thank you so much :)

Self, Yes, very and thank you so much
Anonymous said…
I understand the pain of the words of seeing such a tortured sould.

nothingprofound said…
Love the photo's color and texture. Powerful poem. Sadly, parent-child relationships sometimes end like that-an incompleteness, a discordant note.
Ruthi said…
wow.. this is a gorgeous shot.

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