Mellow Yellow Monday - Not So Mellow

A not so mellow but very imposing yellow. Taken in Chinatown in San Francisco.

A not so mellow but very loud yellow. Taken in my neighborhood in San Francisco

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chubskulit said…
Love the detail outside the house.

Mellow Yellow
AVCr8teur said…
Wow, that's a really bright house. I bet it's sunshine everyday for its neighbors across the street.
Evelyn said…
The house is definitely LOUD! I wonder if it's loud inside too.
Lesley said…
I would HATE to have to live across the street from that yellow house!
Erika B said…
Very loude house indeed! Great shots.

Erika B
Kim, USA said…
Wow it's screaming!! But like it. Happy Monday!
At the store
Bossy Betty said…
Love that house!! It would never go over around here. Wait--maybe I should try it!
☆Mama Ko☆ said…
I seldom see yellow house as pretty as that

Have some snackerz for MYM
Ann said…
yep, definitely yellow :) That is one really bright yellow house
Chub, thanks :)

Karen, personally I would hate to see it everyday :)

Evelyn, very well could be :)

Lesley, I have to agree :)

Erika, it certainly is loud. Thanks for commenting.

Kim, thanks :)

Betty, if anyone could pull it off, you could :D

Mama, :)

Ann, So bright it makes you squint in person :D
RNSANE said…
I feel like a Chinatown dragon now myself!! As for the yellow house, I think it beats the lime green one I saw, probably not too far from that neighborhood!
***Icy BC said…
Now that is a really yellow house! Just fantastic..

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