Iditarod Dreams

Photo courtesy of Sabrina's Mom & Dad

Iditarod Dreams
for Sabrina

Gentle whispers
she hears
the call of the wild
as distant echoes

A snowflake quilt
warms her
and weaves quiet

Paws rooted
within Mother earth
her playground

Yellowstone geysers
to Malibu white sands
she travels
gently through life

her navigator
her soul


A Knowing


Tumblewords: said…
I really like this - Sabrina's eyes do answer to that visionary 'knowing'. Nice!
AVCr8teur said…
Poetry so appropriate with that adorable face!
betchai said…
that face expresses a lot of emotions and tells a memorable story, and so does the poem
Ann said…
Such a beautiful dog and your poem is lovely
Ratty said…
I like this. As I read it, I imagined it all through the dog's eyes.
Wisdom pouring out of Sabrina's face and soul..beautiful poem for such a knowing Gal..:))
sony holland said…
Another awesome poem about my favorite dog!!
rainfield61 said…
Sabrina is listening to your poem.
Anonymous said…
How very pretty, Jo! Sabrina is also beautiful.
Dorothy L said…
Absolutely inspiring. The colors and the markings are so beautiful :)
Enchanted Oak said…
That visionary knowing is in her eyes. Nice poem.
C said…
wow Joanne...what a won'drous poem for a dog!!!! You have made her sound like a wolf who sometimes turns into a Cherokee princess, daughter of the chief! Alas! That is her true identity, isn't it!??

You fool us all write poetry and take innocent pictures, but the truth cohort with dwarfs and prance around with wolf-princesses!!!!!!!

Bangchik said…
Eyes inspired.... hmm, how true. ~bangchik
Vernz said…
Very beautiful ...
DoanLegacy said…
Beautiful picture of Sabrina, and your poem is beautiful.
Thank you all for visiting and sharing your kind words and comments - very much appreciated.
Anonymous said…
Sabrina owes you a kiss for this poem, which you can collect on the 29th. You have immortalized her with words that speak for her, and for this we are touched. Thank you, Jo.--G & T
You are welcome and I can't wait for the 29th :)

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