To Love Is To Live

Ocean Beach in San Francisco

This is a guest post by my buddy Mitch Marcus. It is a raw, passionate and compelling poem. I want to thank Mitch for his contribution to my blog. You can visit his blog by clicking the link at the end of this poem. The photo above was taken by me at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Enjoy!

To Love Is To Live

I miss her so much

I will patiently wait for her

For the rest of time

I dream of redemption

Of receiving a short note

That asks

Will you come to me?

Half way around this world

Will you come for me?

Yes, I say

I will cross the oceans

And ford the rivers

I will come for you

I will listen harder

I will see clearer

I will speak less

I will love more

Although that seems impossible

To love anyone more

Than I love you

Than I had loved you

Than I will love you

I miss her so much

So much that I cry on a perfect day

I miss her

And I will wait



Jude said…
I love your photo above. I'm afraid of heights so no way could I have been looking down taking a shot like that. Very nice poem from Mitch.
Ann said…
Very nice poem. That photo is great, but I'm with Jude I don't know if I could have taken the shot :)
Jude, I am too so it's always a bit precarious when I take shots like that :)

Ann,lol I get a little scared at times as well.
Anonymous said…
Awesome photo and beautiful poem...
VanillaSeven said…
A very intense poetry follows by intense waves at the shore. I love it.
Zuzanna Musial said…
Dear Poetess,

Wonderful photos and lovely poem.
Pleasure to visit your page. I have enjoyed the additional slide-show too. Thank you for the treat on your lovely blog!

Warmest wishes,
AVCr8teur said…
That is quite a drop and emotional poem. I feel like I need to lean against a railing to look at your photo.
Liz said…
I love the poem and the photo as well.

Come and visit me, I have something for you. :)

Mommy's Little Corner
Icy BC said…
Beautiful photo, Jo, and a very nice poem also. I'm feeling a bit dizzy after reading how others feel about looking down :-)
Thank you all for your comments. Yes I had to stand near the edge of a cliff for that shot, thank God there were no gusty winds :D Thanks to all.
RNSANE said…
Incredible photo...that would definitely give me vertigo. I don't like open heights.

This poem is so sad, so filled with longing. My heart aches for him.

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