An Afternoon With Cher

Yes, we had an afternoon of entertainment with Cher yesterday. I have been wanting to get a bird, specifically a yellow canary for months. I have found many I like however they are all too expensive. So, my cousin and I went to the local pet shop after a late brunch yesterday to check out the birds and critters they have available. They had one yellow canary with which I fell in love and many parakeets which I also enjoyed. The star of the show however was Cher which you can see in the above video. She was a constant source of entertainment while we were there. I always feel a bit strange taking videos in a store so this is a short clip but it still is hilarious. The canary below is the only one they had and very expensive so I could not afford to buy him right now.

The parakeet cage was full with at least a dozen or more parakeets. There were a couple of them that I really liked. We watched while they were showing off with some upside down acrobatics and just basically playing around and having fun. I'm considering that maybe a parakeet would be the way to go so I'll be doing more research. Enjoy Cher!

The little yellow canary I want :)


Icy BC said…
Oh Jo, this reminds me of the time I went to the pet shop with my son! We're glued to the birds for hours.

I was uneasy the whole time too, when my son took the pictures of them :-)
Daisy said…
It looks like Cher really knows how to have a good time!
Sharkbytes (TM) said…
A good friend of mine has a yellow canary named Rupert that she has had for almost 20 years. She claims that he has great powers of observation and understanding.
Icy, I remember that post. I always feel a bit weird about it but they did not seem to mind. We were actually in their a very long time. It was so much fun.

Daisy, yep she was having a great time just like you and Harley do everyday :D
Sharkbytes, Wow, 20 years, that is amazing and I'm sure he does have those powers. They are intuitive little guys and girls. Thanks for sharing that.
Ann said…
I've been in stores before and have wanted to take pictures of something but always feel funny about doing it so usually don't. I need to get over that :). Cher looks really entertaining and that yellow canary is really pretty
Ann, I know I felt really strange doing it but that's why the video was so short :D I love that canary, in fact love all of them. I need to get one and soon. Thanks for stopping by.
RNSANE said…
Cute birds! I was reading an article that said
canary’s may live up to 20 years but the average life span is 10-12 years. I had a friend who had a macaw that lived 35 years after she got him from a friend who had had him five years.
I read that too. Canaries are very delicate birds so I was surprise by Sharkbytes friend with her canary living to 20 years. It's all about how the are cared for as well. If they have the proper care and a loving home, they live longer.
Bangchik said…
Just wonder, what make them live so long. So different from other birds... ~bangchik
WillOaks Studio said…
Wow, that is one swinging bird!! I love to watch birds...through the windows. No point teasing the cats any more than necessary!!
bangchik, You know I really don't know. It's very rare thought for a canary to live beyond 10 years. It all depends on their care.

Karen, LOL, I do too. The purrmeister would have a field day with Cher :D
Anonymous said…
What a sweet little bird!
I'm afraid my cat would give a bird a heart attact so it's not an option for me.
AVCr8teur said…
For a second there, I thought Cher was in concert! Anyways, this Cher is a cutie. We used to have 2 cockatiels and one would always fly to my husband and other would always fly to me.
Ratty said…
My sister likes to have birds as pets too. I don't know much about them, but she had one a long time ago that could talk. It would only say anything when nobody was looking. So every couple of weeks we would hear a word come from a very strange voice.
Self Sagacity said…
Cher is a very pretty bird. The yellow canary is so vibrant too.
rainfield61 said…
It must be a different experience to have a pet bird than to keep a pet dog. Some birds talk, but dog barks.

But bird won't shake its tail.
Diane AZ said…
Cher sure does know how to have fun! We used to have pet birds but now I enjoy watching wild birds visit the bird feeder in the yard.
jam said…
Go get Cher! She is awesome!
*MrsMartinez* said…
I like the one you chose. But isn't birds too delicate to take care of?
Autumn Belle said…
This looks like a very intelligent bird.
Truth Ferret said…
Growing up my mom always had canaries that sung so beautifully. She had one that would imitate the mockingbirds that came around. Mom would keep the windows open and it was great to hear the vocal exhanges between the two.

Canaries are delicate and I remember one that my mom accidently trimmed it's nail (?) too short and it bled out so quickly.

I hadn't thought about them until I read your post this morning. Thanks for the memory jog.

Canaries are wonderful. We had parakeets and didn't enjoy them as much as the beautiful canaries. I think I remember the peach colored ones as well as the usual yellow ones. You would enjoy the company and the beautiful songs.
Ferret, How cool and what great memories for you. The same here, we grew up with them and their singing was just gorgeous. I don't mind parakeets but they just don't have that special personality as canaries. Thanks so much for the comment, I enjoyed this.

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