Gold Hill Seasons

Photos taken at the Botanical Gardens in San Francisco.

This is a guest post by Taylor Graham who writes a "paradigm," which incorporates several different Japanese forms. I have to admit I never knew about this style. Thank you so much Taylor.


How does water know?
Spring is a mouth opening.

What does the earth say?
We carry our seeds of trees
and plant ourselves in new soil.

Crossing the dirt path,
a black bear steers by star-drift
and breeze off the hills.
What is hunger, what is home
to make the owl mourn?
River sluices yesterdays.

Her winter memories
are a silken pouch of words.
On the long-moon nights
what sharpens the heart’s small knife?
A dawn garden weeps with dew.

In spring the river
remembers its song from far
upcountry, held fast in snow.
Trees blossom out of their names,
we shed our cocoons.

The dark bird circles
a golden hilltop – its shade
crosses, passes. Gone.


Diane AZ said…
The botanical gardens images go well with the Gold Hill Seasons paradigm. I enjoyed the poem and the pictures.
DoanLegacy said…
Gorgeous pictures, and the poem is so very nice too!
nothingprofound said…
Love this poem. Wonderful phrases and use of imagery. So rich and playful.
Vernz said…
Love the cute hardly visible pagoda houses.... distinct of a japanese garden .... great capture! thanks for the visit, see you again ..
Anonymous said…
What an interesting style. I'd like to try it.
And the poem goes so well with the photo!
Marilynne said…
I take it he wasn't in San Francisco today? 1/18? I enjoyed the pictures and the poem. Thanks for posting it.
betchai said…
i love the poem you shared Jo, and the picture you chose to illustrate the words, they blend well together.
oh those r beautiful captures n a lovely poem
RNSANE said…
Lovely reflections in the water...I always like those so much. And, of course, Taylor Graham's poetry is wonderful.
Ratty said…
You picked some very interesting pictures to go along with this poem. I think I see as much poetry in them.
rainfield61 said…
The poem goes along extremely good with the photo. My favourite!!
DK Miller said…
Lovely, the pictures and poem work so well together. I love your pics from the botanical gardens.
Bangchik said…
I came across Japanese garden a couple of times.... Very quiet, serene and peaceful. ~bangchik
Angela said…
Wow, I really love that poem. I've never heard of that style before either, but I really like it!
Secondary Roads said…
Beautiful. Is it okay to confess that my mind gave the final stanza a strange twist? As I read "its shade crosses, passes. Gone." I thought of "shade" in another meaning -- that of disembodied spirit or a ghost. Perhaps I'm just weird . . .
Thank you all for reading and commenting both from me and Taylor. Your thoughts and words are always appreciated. Thank you.

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