The Neighborhood

Taken from Sutro Park - view of the Richmond District San Francisco

The Neighborhood

I walk
the shattered concrete
time elapsing
memories a dense fog
I try to wipe dry.

I pass
the same house
sitting bare, dark
shrouded with shadows

I visit
the old library
growing thin

I search
for Plath, Angelou, Ferlinghetti
and find
the idiot's guide to computers
a treasure lost

I cry
the poignant tear
for what was
and what remains
do I still belong?


VanillaSeven said…
Beautiful poem Joanne. Very urban feel :)
Thanks Vanilla, a little sad but sometimes that makes it better :)
wngl said…
Wonderful lines to accompany such an evocative image. You've transported me home, into memories when I worked at the SF VA hospital and would head to the beach at the end of the day to breathe in the ocean.
Secondary Roads said…
Life does move on despite our desire. ". . . nor all thy Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back . . ."
Liz said…
Great poem Jo! At least you still have the beach for some nice afternoon walks and enjoy the water.

Have a good day!
Glynis said…
It is sad when we feel our environment is disappearing. Enjoy the beach as Liz said.
RNSANE said…
I felt much the same when I was home in October with my mom. Of course, there are many others but I really only have that one dear friend, of fifty years, that I was close to in high school. My oldest home, is now a Burger King or something like that although, the second house, in a lovely section called Windsor Park, remains the same. The saddest thing, though, is that my mother is a shell of herself, broken, and not remembering even her own newest grandbabies, though she does remember my sons.

The poem was beautiful.
wingl, ah, yes it's beautiful out there and I'm glad I brought some memories back to you.

Beautiful Chuck, thanks for the words

Liz, I surely do, thank you.

Glynis, thanks and I will.

Carmen, I feel so sorry for you and your Mom. It's so sad but at least she remembers Shawn, Alex and Jeremy. How is she doing?
Lori said…
Gorgeous. Everyone who owns or is thinking of owning a Kindle should read it.
Jo, this is absolutely beautiful. It evokes so much emotion when I read it! You know, it must be a universal thing...because nearly every time I go back to my hometown I drive or jog through my old neighborhood. It brings back so many fond memories and pulls at my heartstrings. That's what this hauntingly eloquent poem of yours does for me now. But that's a good thing!!! Love you!
Lori, You are a doll, thank you so much :)

Colleen, I think it hits home for many. Thanks so much sweetie, love you too xoxo
AVCr8teur said…
What a beautiful view! I don't think I have ever seen this view firsthand. As I read your poetry, I thought about my childhood in SF. So many old memories of the city and so many changes over the years.
Icy BC said…
Beautiful poem, Jo! I feel this way as I watch the houses on my block go in abandoned!
A bit of humor and a lot of beautiful word painting.
dats a lovely view. emotions made a butiful poem...wonderful!!
Margie and Edna said…
Margie: Could you help me write the Dummies Guide to the Margiedales?
AMH615 said…
It made me think of my childhood neighborhood, so much has changed. *And I can't help but love the photo -- I'm beach crazy!*
Karen, Yes this is a view from Sutro Park facing the Richmond District. Yeah, there have been so many changes but I'm glad it brings some memories back to you.

Icy, Thanks, I think many feel this way.

Ancient digger, humor??? I guess we all interpret poetry differently.

Thank you so much Priyanka

Margie, I live the dummies guide to the Margiedales :D

AMH, Thank you, I'm beach crazy as well :)
We'll be in San Francisco in just a few days and I always like to visit places I used to live, sometimes the changes are good, but other times it does make me feel sad about how it's changed.
A very beautiful poem!
PS I thought I was already following your blog, now I am :)
Catherine, Absolutely visit the Botanical Gardens and in that same area you have the Japanese tea garden which is always fun. Then head on out to the Beach, cliff house and Sutro Park. I think the weather is going to cooperate. We've had rain on and off.
rainfield61 said…
Walk, pass, search, and visit are what I am doing everyday. I seldom cry.

Life is beautiful.
Ratty said…
I like your melancholy poem. I could picture myself walking along thinking thoughts like that.
C said…
aaaaahhhhhh..... but this is not only referring to a physical building in a physical place.... I feel....places in the spirit....doors longing to be opened....wounds longing to be cured.....a lonely spot needing a warm presence....

This has given me cold chills....
Mountain Woman said…
Wow, how beautiful. I wish I had written that. It expresses exactly how I feel as I grow older. Just lovely.
Rainfield, you have the right attitude :)

Ratty, Luckily I don't feel that way all the time :)

C, you are very perceptive and intuitive, thank you.

Mountain Woman, Thank you so much.

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