The need to make sense of such Darkness

This is a guest post by my dear friend Leonardo Minjarez. He is a wonderfully talented poet and photographer and I am so thrilled to have his work showcased here. Enjoy. If you would like more information on Leo and his work please contact me. Thanks.

The need to make sense of such Darkness

i will write and write
until my fingers bleed
and my heart has healed
(which ever comes first?)
for to hold back these torrents of thoughts
rain pierced my mind
and fester to sore my blackened heart
upon spikes of your smile
impaled by words you had spoken
and the touch of flesh encased with
crystalline sweat
and your eyes
oh your eyes
how could one forget?
the need to dive into the pools
of your soul
forever night
as i would gladly wrap myself among the folds
of darkness
and be led by the Devil himself
into a world of your eternal bliss.


Icy BC said…
I can feel the energy, and a rush through this poem! Very wonderful!
Love it! Sounds so desparate for someone...
B.Held said…
The poem is so intense and powerful. Brilliant work.
rainfield61 said…
Such a lovely one, how could one forget?
Icy, he is an amazing poet. thanks.

Angie, Desperation though sad, makes for fantastic poetry :) Thanks for stopping by.

Brittany, Thanks, he is a phenomenal poet.

Rainfield, so true :)
RNSANE said…
This is such an incredible poem, vividly portraying his thoughts.

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