My New Website & PhotoScapes Unleashed Page

I wanted to go ahead and introduce all of you to my new website and PhotoScapes Unleashed page which I integrated onto my website. Though blogging is fun and a venue for my ongoing poetry and photographic pursuits, it is always nice to have a website presence as well. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions are always appreciated. Here is the url to my PhotoScapes page
where you can also navigate through the website pages. I also have to mention that you can create Google sites for free and with no advertising on the pages. I added the AdSense and Adgitize. It is an easy to understand site building platform and you don't need to know html code. It's a breeze to setup and create.

Thanks and have a great weekend.


VanillaSeven said…
Congrats for your new website Jo. Looks clean and neat!
Thanks so much Vanilla.
Icy BC said…
Those are gorgeous photos, Jo..Wish you success with all my heart!
betchai said…
hey Jo, love your choices, the pictures reveal the creative artist in you. thanks for sharing this site, it opens a another window of opportunity that probably I can also look into.
C said…
Congratulations on your new web site, Joanne!!!!! I was wondering when you would set up a web site for your photos!!!!! :)
Thanks for the comment. Trust me..that Boston Cream Pie was dangerous! I had too many pieces and blew my diet lol
rainfield61 said…
Congratulation on your new website.

I simply cannot manage more than one blog.
John said…
The new website looks fantastic. There are some amazing images on there. :-)
fullet said…
It's a great site, Joanne! Two years ago I posted my novel in Google Sites, and I'll check it out again to improve the layout and so on. It won't look as brilliant as your web site though! Best wishes.
Ratty said…
Your website looks good. I have one too, but I only use it for small file storage. This gives me thoughts of using it for something useful like you have.
Diane AZ said…
Congratulations on your new website! Your photos simply look beautiful against that layout. I wish you all the best.
Dale said…
Wow, I love your shots. I am an amateur photographer and I would really appreciate any constructive feedback about my work from a professional like yourself :)

My site is
Ann said…
Congratulations on the new web site. I'm on my way over to go check it out.
earthtoholly said…
Wow, beautiful photos there, Joanne. Those will sell well! So happy for you!
Mumsy said…
Congrats on your new website, and all your artworks look fantastic!
Thank you so much Icy, your comments are always so much appreciated.

Betchai, You could do wonderfully well with your photography on a website. You and Icy both, Thank you.

C, lol, it took me a while uh?

Randa, it looked dangerously sinful, just the way I like it. I'm heading up to the supermarket tomorrow and will hopefully find one up there. If not, I'll have to settle for the Boston Cream Pie yogurt :D

Rainfield, it's difficult, though with a website, you don't have to do much other than just advertise it.

fullet, you are so sweet, thank you. I actually used the google docs as storage as well until I decided why are these things just sitting here when I could build a free website :)

Ratty, With all of your stories, photos and videos a website for you would be awesome. They are free with Google.

Thank you so much Diane.

Dale, thanks for the compliment but I am not a professional by any means. I just like to take photos. I will check out your site though, so thanks for the link.

Ann, thank you so much.

Holly, I hope so :D, Thank you for visiting.

Mumsy, Thank you so much.
C said…
Yes! It DID take you a while! :)

I'm glad you did it, though! I think it will help you with focus and organizing and expression...a blog for every area you wish you express... :)
Anonymous said…
I really like the simplicity of the site. Very easy to navigate, well done :)

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