Sea Lion Update - Two Found Injured

Well I am not happy at all with what I just heard and saw on the news. Two sea lions were found injured by Pier 39 and Hyde Street Pier. The lions had fishing lines tied around their necks which caused serious wounds. I saw photos of them but did not want to post them here as they are too upsetting.

As a result, this tells me that there was fowl play in their disappearance. See my previous post here. Fisherman and swimmers at the Hyde Street Pier months ago were furious over the lions showing up in the area. It sickens me to hear and see this however we still don't know if they just left the docks on their own or were all forced or injured by people who didn't want them around.

I will definitely keep you all updated on this story.


I heard about the sudden disappearance of about 1200 seals from the piers...your post just sent a chill down my spine...they did point out, on the World News that the local fishermen were upset because the seals were eating the sardines and anchovies...hmmmm...please do keep us hoo..
Bangchik said…
Yea... sea lions have every right to land where they like... they have been doing that for zillion of years... But we just arrive. ~bangchik
RNSANE said…
That is such sad news. I know the fisherman are distressed about the presence of these wonderful creatures who have every right to be there...we are the squatters. I really think, if people are caught harming the sea lions, they should be prosecuted to every extent possible. Fishing line and that nylon line used on balloons is so harmful to seals. One year, I was down in Monterey and I say the cord of a balloon that had gotten wrapped around a baby seals neck. A remnant of the balloon was still there. As the seal grew, the cord was making an effective guillotine around its neck.
People really need to dispose of these things properly. Of course, I think that this balloon got away from the child holding it and floated out into the sky. Perhaps they should attach these balloons on a cord that is more biodegradable!
betchai said…
Oh, that is so sad, Jo, I am very familiar with this problem as there are groups of people here who also do not like the presence of sea lions and harbor seal in our shores. I just hope they won't harm them.
Icy BC said…
This is sad news, Jo!

Hopefully, a solution can be enforced to save the sea lions..
tashabud said…
That's the most sea lions I've seen at one place. Now, who would want to be swimming or fishing in that area when they know it's crowded with sea lions anyway?

I agree with you on your previous post that those sea lions are life savers to those businesses around that area. I'll make sure to visit that area if I ever come to San Francisco.

DK Miller said…
That is sad. I'm sorry and I hope that there aren't more that are hurt or worse.
Daisy said…
Poor sea lions. People encroach on their habitat and then get mad at the sea lions. I wish all people could treat animals with respect and compassion.
Amy, yes and that's why since these two were spotted with fishing lines around their neck I tend to believe it was foul play. Though they still don't know.

Bangchik, exactly, we are encroaching on their space.

Carmen, I agree that if that is the case they should be punished. We'll see what happens.

betchai, I hope the fisherman have not harmed them but that may be the case.

Icy, thank you and I hope so too.

tasha, I hope when you visit our sea lions are back home :)

Diane, I hope not either. It sickens me.

Daisy, as do I, thanks for stopping by and give harley a hug for me :)
Ratty said…
If they were intentionally harmed, I hope whoever did it is caught. It's one thing to be upset by their presence, but that gives no one the right to hurt another living thing.
Ratty, I totally agree with you and I hope this situation ends soon and they are back where they belong.

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