Culver City Trip

What a fantastic short trip we had in Culver City. We flew in Friday afternoon and flew back Saturday afternoon. We ate, drank - a little too much and partied through the evening. We really didn't leave the hotel to do any sightseeing since it was such a quick trip and we were all tired. We still however managed to get some interesting photos of which I will be posting through this coming week.

The above photo is a shot of downtown Culver City and was taken through the hotel room window. There were from what I could see many little strip malls and so many palm trees that you just felt like you should be drinking Mai Tai's and Chi Chi's. The weather was perfect as was the entire trip.

I wanted to get a shot of the Culver City sign for you so I snapped this while on the complimentary hotel shuttle back to LAX. Of course, when I snapped the shot there was no car in view. I obviously need a new camera with a faster speed :)

I will have much more including some photos and video from the concert which was simply HOT!

That is it for now. I have to go get ready to relax and watch the Grammy's. Although, my eyes will be focused on the audience even more so this year because our own Sony Holland will be there. She's not receiving an award, maybe next year but she will be attending the show and an after party or two :) I'm so excited for her.


Margie said…
I'll bet you went to every strip mall. Will you be posting those pictures?? I was stuck at home with crazy Edna.
Margie, Well, I was an angel but Carmen? Stay tuned for Wednesday's post on here about Carmen and one of your wayward Margiedales :)
betchai said…
glad you had a great time at Culver City Jo, will wait for the Wednesday's post :)
RNSANE said…
Wait a minute now, Jo, what about me...did I drink that much champagne or was it the Grey Goose martini or maybe the Patron reposado margarita BEFORE the show....I never saw a Margiedale, wayward or otherwise! What have you got up your sleeve? I know I can't trust you with that damn, darn camera.
AVCr8teur said…
It's always nice to get-away. Hope you spot Sony on tv.
Lucy Lopez said…
Hi Joanne, so nice to read about your trip and to see your pictures. You've done a great job with them!
Icy BC said…
To enjoy an excited program like this is priceless. Sounds so much fun, and I will wait for Wed. post too :-)
rainfield61 said…
Do all the sweet songs still flying around in your dream?
It sounds like you had a great time! I love your downtown city photo.
betchai, lol

Carmen, don't act so innocent, I've got it on camera.

Karen, I had my eyes glued to the audience but didn't see her.

Thanks so much Lucy.

Icy, :D

Thank you Diane.

SmallTown, Thanks for visiting.
C said…
Joanne, you really REALLY LOVE your friend, Sonny!!!

It's amazing how much you love her!!!

I didn't see the grammys. Didn't even know when it was held! hahahahaha! :D
~sjts said…
I grew up in Culver City (5-12) and my Grandparents lived on the border. I know the place quite well. It is really fantastic to see it through a "tourists" eyes.
It's Sony, not Sonny and yes she is like a Sister to me. I love all my friends. The Grammy's were held on the 31st.

stjs, I wish I had more time to do some sightseeing but we were only there about 24 hours.The Radisson though kept us happy and comfortable to it was fine. I love the fact that it is so close to the airport as well. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

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