I'm Off To Culver City, CA

Photo courtesy of tripcents.com

I am off to Culver City, CA where I will be joining friends to include Carmen over at Carmen's Chronicles to see our dear friend Sony Holland performing at the Culver's Club for Jazz at the Radisson hotel. We will be eating, drinking and partying so no time to blog. I scheduled this post a few days in advance. It will be just like old times only in La La Land.

I'm not sure what sightseeing opportunities there are in Culver City but I will bring the old camera and see if I can come up with some interesting shots for you. I also don't know if the venue allows photos or video but since I will also be working for Sony the evening of the concert, I may be able to pull off a video.

I probably will not be back to work blogging until Monday. And, if I don't come back, don't look for me :D

A video to enjoy while I'm enjoying the real thing :)



JourneyDreams said…
Enjoy your stay in Culver :)
Margie said…
I see that I wasn't invited. That's fine. You'll never know what I do while you're gone.
Icy BC said…
Have a great time, Jo!

Between you and Carmen, I'm sure you two will pull off some pictures somewhere :-)

Enjoy your trip..
betchai said…
have fun Jo, wow, you and Carmen will be hanging out together, that's cool. I am not very familiar with Culver City, so I can not give some tips :(
AVCr8teur said…
Sounds like you're going to be having fun. Looking forward to some photos or videos.
rainfield61 said…
"Knock, knock, knock."

"Is anybody home?"

Oh no. Went out for concert.
Janiss said…
You and your group will not be far from us - we live in the northeast part of Los Angeles (Culver City, for those who don't know, is on the inland-most part of L.A.'s west side). You'll be near MGM studios, and also the Culver Hotel, a beautiful old brick hotel built in 1924. I think you'll find some good photo opps! One little-known fact about Culver City (unless you're a vintage film fan): The Hal Roach Studios, whose biggest stars were Laurel & Hardy, was located in Culver City, and the town's Main Street was the backdrop for many, many vintage comedies of the 1920s and 1930s.
Ann said…
Have a great time. Sounds like fun
Campbell Jane said…
Have fun! Can't wait to see your photos.
RNSANE said…
Hey, Jo, hope you got some rest! It was so much fun...too bad I have to go to L. A. to see you..we have to do it more often in our own back yard. Sony was terrific, wasn't she? That jazz club is absolutely one of the best and her band, well, she's struck it rich with them!!!
Journey Dreams, thanks for the comments.

Margie, well since you were rehearsing for your appearance at the Grammy's with the Margiedales, I assumed you were to "busy." BTW Be sure to check out Wednesday's post. It's all about one of your wayward Margiedales and Carmen :)

Icy, we both have so many pics it's unbelievable :)

betchai, yes we hung out with the gang, it was just like old times only in LA :)

Hi Karen, I've got some photos and a couple of videos. I'll be posting more during the week.

Rainfield, Hello, nobody home :D

Janiss, thanks for your tips. We basically only had 24 hours there so no sightseeing other than at the hotel. There will be more opportunities however so I will keep your tips.

Ann, it was so much fun but this old bag here can no longer party as much as she did in her 30's or even 40's :) The bubbly got to me.

Had a great time Diane and we'll talk more this coming week.

Thanks Jane, I got some interesting shots while there.

Carmen, I slept well last night but I'm still worn out. Sone was incredible there. She has probably the best LA band backing her. And, I'd go as far as not only LA but the bay area as well. Love the club too and being so close to LAX it's perfect for us to get out there. Get your eyes glued to the audience at the Grammy's tonight - hopefully we'll see Sony somewhere :)

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