Orange Sunset

Photo taken of Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong - March 2008

orange sunset
a tequila sunrise
at last call

Haiku and Senryu are highly creative and unique forms of poetic verse. There is the standard and most widely known 5/7/5 form and then there is the traditional Japanese form which is a bit difficult for me to explain so I will ask you to read the guide here over at Shadow Poetry.

I am still practicing writing Haiku and Senryu in the hopes that someday I will master the verse :) Haiku and Senryu for me is like painting a picture on canvas using words. It's fun and extremely challenging. Try it, it will broaden your horizons.



*MrsMartinez* said…
love the photo! keep on writing and practicing! xoxo
Kia said…
That's beautiful.
MrsM, I will, thank you :)

Kia, Thank you very much.
dawn said…
Beautiful photo and verse!
Icy BC said…
Beautiful photo, Jo!
John said…
Another great Haiku, I think you've already got it mastered :-) I've never heard of Senryu before but I'll look it up.
rainfield61 said…
Good try and beautiful picture.
Kirhat said…
The photo is so refreshing and relaxing.

Seek No More
Kevin N. said…
Great photo and poem. I have always felt that creative writing was like painting using words, so I am glad to see someone else mention that as well. Keep up the great work.
RNSANE said…
The photo is spectacular. So is the haiku. You know, after writing verse for nearly sixty years, it is hard for me to do haiku. Whatever it is I did to win the home server, I was sure lucky. I still haven't hooked it up yet but that prize is
worth over $500 at Best Buy. Right now, I need the money more!!
oh that's a lovely pic nd a gr8 Haiku composed..Haiku's n Senryu's r said to be of 5-7-5 syllables but these days lots of known writers r thre who don follow this format. I too used to write Haiku's in the 5-7-5 format previously but later I asked one one of my friend's, he's a Haiku award winner from Malaysia, whether this rule is now followed or he told me that lots of writers are known for writing Haiku's without the traditional 5-7-5 syllable. This format is not a compulsory rule these days...So now I write whatever comes from my heart :)
I totally agree with you Jo, It's easier to make a 4 stanza poem than to come up with a real haiku.

But as for you i think you are almost a master.
Sharkbytes said…
I don't know Senyru either. Haiku is fun.
dawn, glad you like it.

Icy, thank you so much :)

John, thanks for the kind words. Senryu is much like haiku without a seasonal reference.

rainfield, thank you my friend.

Thank you Jennifer.

Kirhat, thanks it was so peaceful.

Carmen, Haiku is difficult to master.

Priyanka, Yes, that's what is important, write from the heart and you can never go wrong. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

PoetKlaus, Thank you for visiting and commenting.

Shark, Thanks for stopping by.

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