Meet The Theo Saunders Quartet

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Vocalist Sony Holland will be in concert with the Theo Saunders Quartet on January 29th and February 5th. I had the pleasure of seeing Sony perform with the Theo Saunders quartet in October. They are stellar musicians and celebrities in their own right backing some of the best singers performing today. Click here for the link to my review of the Theo Saunders Quartet on Jo's Music Cafe blog.

Visit the Sony Holland blog.

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For more information on the Theo Saunders Quartet including some background on each player click
Meet Theo Saunders and his Quartet

Video Below - Sony Holland & the Theo Saunders Quartet in concert at the Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood.

Concert Venue and Information

Fri. Jan. 29, 2010

(Theo Saunders, piano: Larry Koonse, guitar:
John B. Williams, bass: Tony Austin, drums)

2 Shows: 7:30 & 9:30pm
- No Cover Charge! -
@ the Culver's Club For Jazz:

Culver City Radisson Hotel
6161 W Centinella Avenue, Culver City, CA
Call 310 649 1776 ext.4137 Reservations Advised!

Friday, Feb. 5th
Steamers Jazz in Fullerton
(Theo Saunders, piano: Steve Cotter, guitar:
John B. Williams, bass: Tony Austin, drums)

If you are in the LA area, come on out, we'll see you there. If you are not in the LA area, both concerts are on a Friday evening so fly out and join us. Virgin America has a deal on fares right now. Another idea - Road trip :)



Diane AZ said…
Fantastic! I enjoyed learning about the musicians and watching the video.
Diane, Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed the post :)
Vernz said…
I just knew this cool group through your blog ... thanks for sharing .... and for dropping by anythingdavao ... btw, I followed you.
Vernz, Thank you and I'm following you as well. I really enjoy your blog.
Zuzanna Musial said…
Fabulous! Much enjoyed visiting and listening to the song!!

PS: I signed to be your follower.

Best wishes,
Zuzanna Musial
Zuzanna, Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed the song. I just perused your blog and it's wonderful. I also signed up to follow you. Thank you for visiting.
Ratty said…
They do a good job. They sound pretty good.
Icy BC said…
How exciting! The video sounds terrific!
Thanks Ratty :)

Glad you like it Icy.
RNSANE said…
I am so looking forward to both the Radisson gig and the one at Steamers since I missed all Sony's shows last time she was here. I saw Amanda King, by the way, last night at'll be four times in a week to see Shota. She is one of the best vocalists I've ever seen in my life. You'll have to go with me some Tue. I didn't realize drinks AND appetizers are half price from 9P to 11P at Zingari!!
Carmen, cool. I thought I was able to do both Radisson and Steamers due to a last minute sale on my blog but it still leaves me short. So, I'll be in Culver City and have to forgo Steamer's for another gig down the road. You may as well just join Shota's band :D I've heard Amanda King is good but have never heard her in person. I also didn't know about the half price thingy there. Sounds good I'd love to go to Zingari but it's going to have to wait until February. Every penny I have this month goes toward Culver City.

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