Compliments of Nature

Ocean Beach in San Francisco

Compliments of Nature

We'd compliment each other
You and I

As stars adorned evening skies
Light transcended beyond darkness

Hope became truth
Friendship ripened
Love was ours

The sun rose upon your smile
And set within your eyes

We complimented each other
You and I
For a while


Melissa said…
A beautiful picture, for a beautiful poem.
Anonymous said…
Beautifully captured.
Icy BC said…
Just so lovely, Jo..and gentle love!
Ann said…
The photo is stunning and the poem, all I can say is WOW, I love it
David DeWall said…
That is such an awesome picture. Love it. Great poem, good way to start my day.
Diane AZ said…
Lovely how even the colors in the image complement each other. Beautiful post!
rainfield61 said…
The sky and sea, the orange and black, they complement each other.

RNSANE said…
Fabulous poem and photograph...I always treasure the ones about love. I guess I am a hopeless romantic, Jo.
Thanks so much Melissa, I always try and match a pic with the words.

B. Held, thank you so much.

Icy, thanks for the sweet words.

Ann, aw you are sweet, thank you.

David, thanks and I'm happy you started the day with me :)

Diane, thank you so much.

Rainfield, thanks for the kind words :)

Carmen, You certainly are :) Thank you.
What a breathtaking photo. Lovely!
Accessory Lady, Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting.
Ratty said…
You are always so good at matching your pictures with your poems. They both combine to capture the mood perfectly.
Ratty, I certainly try and thanks for the compliment.

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