Expectation Stew Simmers

Original photo taken of the Dale Chihuly exhibit @ The DeYoung Museum SF.

After photo edited with Ulead Software. I wanted something a little more fiery and angry to match the poem :)

I was going through some old poetry that I had written and found this piece I wrote about 15 years ago. I wrote it as a result of being furious after the guy I was dating at the time had made a date and never showed up or called. At that time I wasn't evolved as I am now :) and had high expectations of almost everyone and everything in my life. While the poem is rich in imagery and is well written, if I say so myself, I cannot help but be shocked at the anger it displays.

Since that time I've learned that people are just people. We all are diverse in our actions and feelings. Having expectations of another human being is basically saying to them that you are above them in some way and that they should adhere to your ego driven rules. In order to have peace and harmony in you relationships whether they be romantic or otherwise, expectations have to be shed and we have to learn to understand and accept everyone for who they are rather who we think they should be. None of us are perfect. When you feel with your heart rather than your head, your ego is shed right along with the expectations. I'm not saying this is easy to achieve but when you practice this on a regular basis your world just becomes a bit more peaceful and serene.


A fever storm, cardiac tsunami.
Tumultuous waves
Angst-ridden nerves

Racing a dead end.
Speedometer blood pressure gauge,
A phoenix beyond fahrenheit

Boils in a volcanic cauldron
Of misplaced anger, steamed
To a boiling blister, fester...

Expectation stew simmers and
Scorches the palate numb.
High standards devoured.

The self righteous - PURGED.


Margie and Edna said…
Margie: Very well done & I totally agree. Did that jerk ever explain himself?
C said…
hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!! Oh my god!!!!!

Don't feel too bad, Joanne....if it were me, I would have written the poem, then crumpled it up and fed it to him (shoved it down his throat) ....and I wouldn't have the poem anymore, today! At least you still have your poem!!!! :)


I will never make a date with you and then not show up... (hehehehehehe) ....
Icy BC said…
I love the strong emotions in this poem, Jo! It's raw thoughts and feelings.
Campbell Jane said…
"scorches the palette numb" I love that! Photo is great. We certainly do mellow out as we age! haha
Ann said…
Yes, there is definitely anger in that poem. I probably would have felt the same way though I doubt I would have expressed it so well :) You're edited image goes very well with the poem
Margie, yep, he said he had the wrong day. I hope you've taught the Margiedales how a lady should be treated :D

C, you've captured exactly what I felt like doing :D You crack me up.

Icy, yeah it was raw anger.

Jane, thank god we do or I'd be in trouble :)

Ann, thank you, I wanted something a little fiery for the poem.

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