Wordless Wednesday - McCoppin Park

McCoppin park is located in my neighborhood in the Sunset/Parkside district of San Francisco. I pass by this park all the time while running errands so I never have my camera with me. The other day I was perusing Craigslist when someone had asked for help in rescuing a husky. Basically this person lived in Napa, CA and while on two seperate trips here was walking her own dog in this park when she came upon what she called a "lost wounded husky." Long story short, she alerted the police who are located right across the street from the park who told her to call animal control. She did just that to no avail, they would not help her. So, she placed an ad on CL hoping for someone to help her.

I felt bad so I went to the park between rainstorms in order to locate this dog. I never did find him anywhere but I was able to get some good shots of trees and bushes while there. In hind sight, that was probably a stupid thing for me to do. I could have been walking right into some sort of trap and I realized this after I got home, emailed the woman who placed the ad and she has yet to respond. In any case I got some photos I normally would have never shot.



WillOaks Studio said…
That is quite a story--maybe not safe, but I think I would have tried to help, too. I'm a sucker for animals and people in need. That's a great way to lead into explaining your photos!! And they are very nice images.
Karen, I'm the same way. I had to check it out. Thanks for the kind words :)
Self Sagacity said…
Those are some beautiful pictures of the park. I've been there before, but it looks gorgeous the way you've captured them.
Self S, thank you, there are so many beautiful trees there that you can't help but get nice photos :)
Badet said…
You have the best intentions when you tried to help her. Great photos by the way...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. We were in HK May of 2009, just last year. Wisdom Path is already a different experience. The whole place is so relaxing. I hope to bump into you in one of our travels.
Badet, your photos of the peak were fantastic. I hope so as well and I hope it is in Hong Kong. Thanks for your kind words.
Sparkle said…
At least you got some GORGEOUS photos out of the excursion. But yeah, you have to be careful of those Craigslist ads.
Ann said…
Can't say I blame you, I probably would have done the same thing. I would have been thinking about the poor dog instead of anything else. You got some great shots while you were there though
DoanLegacy said…
You are doing something good, and deep in your heart you're concerned. God bless you!

Your pictures turned out marvelous though.
rainfield61 said…
Why didn't you ask those trees for help?

They might know.
Thank you, Twitter.

Sparkle, I know, I should have thought it trough before I went out.

Ann, that was it I was thinking about the dog and nothing else. Thanks for the comment.

Doan, thanks so much.

rainfield, why didn't I think of that? They would absolutely know. I should have consulted you before I left :D
AVCr8teur said…
You are so kind-hearted to do that for someone and they don't even respond! At least you got some good pics.
jam said…
I like those big trees! It should take them many years to grow such big!
These are great pictures. Are you using a high end camera? I wish I had one too. Thanks for sharing.
ian said…
trees do make human habitation a lot better; unfortunately the reverse (the effect of humans on trees) is generally deleterious =(
Icy BC said…
Gorgeous photos of the park, Jo! Your first reaction is to help, and I'm glad that nothing bad happened to you.
Emm said…
Gosh, is that how it looks in January?? Gosh, I really do think I want too move to that part of the world!

The weather, the bridge, the people, the water.... *sigh*
Sharkbytes said…
That pink bush is interesting. Yeah, I might not have thought about the risk before going... but maybe in a city I might have.
Sharkbytes said…
Firefox crashed while I was posting my comment, so I'm not sure if I'm doing this twice.

I like the pink bush. It's different. I'm not sure I would have thought about the risk either, but maybe in a city I would have.
Karen, I was worried about the dog. But, you are right, I got photos I would not have normally taken there.

jam, exactly, they've been around for a while

jena, not at all. My camera is one of those six in one deals with a camera, video, audio, mp3 player etc... it was very cheap but it works well at least in well lit situations.

ian, I completely agree with you and thanks for visiting.

Icy, thank you and me too :)

Emm, LOL we have had our share of stormy weather this past week but it is very nice and even warm now. We don't have seasons in San Francisco. The bridge is glorious not matter what the weather is like :)

Shark, The more I think about it, it could have been dangerous and I should know better. That bush is interesting. I don't know what it is but I always liked the color and shape. Thanks for stopping by.
baby said…
This caught my eye since we lived down the street between 25th and 26th and loved this park. We called it our front yard.
RNSANE said…
You're right, Jo, it could have been risky...but you are such an animal lover, especially a husky that you would help, no matter what.

Great, great pictures!!!

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