Photoscapes Unleashed - Downtown San Francisco

The Transamerica Pyramid building - Downtown San Francisco Original Photo

I edited with charcoal pencil. These photos were taken on an overcast and soon to be stormy day so the originals were very drab. I needed to add a little character.

The Bank of America Building - Downtown San Francisco Original Photo
This is where the film The Towering Inferno was shot.

I edited with warm color tones and a spotlight. It almost looks like the towering inferno with these colors.


Secondary Roads said…
Excellent! Like visual poetry.
jakill said…
Very clever, Jo. I like the idea of visual poetry too.
AVCr8teur said…
It's always fun to play with filters. Back in 1979 when my cousin visited SF for the first time, we were able to go up to the 27th floor of the Transamerica Building to look out the windows. Unfortunately, that is no longer allowed.
sundcarrie said…
I have a friend who edits photos and I am always amazed at what she can do. It must take a lot of training. I love what you did with the last photo.
RNSANE said…
Great photos, Jo, of two of our city's finest buildings! I love all four. Wish you'd get a night shot of the Transamerica sometime.
Ann said…
I really like the effects you used. I especially like that second one. Very dramatic looking
Anonymous said…
Beautiful effect, Jo! I like them..
Chuck, Thanks, and a great idea - visual poetry

jakill, thanks, okay then, it's set a series of visual poetry, I like it.

Karen, Yeah, the views from there were amazing. I remember decades ago having to go to the 30th floor of the B of A building and the elevator was actually shaking like an earthquake after the 20th floor. Scary.

Carrie, thanks but I've had no training at all, I just like to play around with photos :)

Carmen, I'd love to get a night shot of the pyramid building however, as you know, my camera does not do well in low lighting. I'll try it sometime though.

Thank you Ann, when you see these types of photos on here, it means I'm bored and playing around :D

Thank you Icy :)
rainfield61 said…
What's a creative description: visual poetry.

And you have done it.
Really cool, Jo. You've got a great eye.
fedhz said…
oh, i love the effect of the spotlight. ^^
Autumn Belle said…
The final picture looks great. I like the flaming red hues and the halo effect. Good job!
awesome pics. esp. i liked the 2nd one which u modified with the charcoal pencil....
awesome pics...the modified ones luks grt
Campbell Jane said…
These are terrific. The Towering Inferno! I remember that one from the days of the diaster flicks. I don't like being higher than the 3rd floor. haha
Lynda Lehmann said…
I love the flaming tower, which conveys a sense of awesome (probably destructive)power.

I use Photoshop constantly, both for photo adjustment, digital art, and sometimes, photomanpulation. It's an amazing tool!
Ratty said…
These are two very unique and interesting buildings. Both seem to inspire fun editing jobs like yours.
*MrsMartinez* said…
I like the last photo! Because it's red and the color gets into you especially the yellow background! xoxo
rainfield, Yeah, you know I like that idea. I may continue with it :)

Susan, thank you, even though I need my glasses and magnifying glass to see anything these days :D

fedhz, I do too, it gives it that extra something which makes it unique.

Autumn Belle, thanks so much I'm glad you like it.

Priyanka, I like that too it almost looks like a cartoon.

Jane, Yeah, that was a cool movie and I know how you feel :)

Lynda, thank you. You know I have photoshop but do not know how to use it. I use Ulead software which came with my camera. I'll check out your work.

Ratty, they were so much fun to play around with.

Mrs Martinez, thank you, yes it's like fire :)
bessye said…
Very cool Joanne! I love how your progressing in your photography these days...I'll have to keep on track with you, because I would like to resume that myself.

Bessye, I love playing around with photos so there will be more to come. Thanks :)

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