Red is... New Art Blog by Brittany Held

I wanted to introduce all of you today to a new art blog by Brittany Held (aka B.Held). She has a couple out there to include Artistic Amalgams which I also frequent. Her new blog is titled red is... and focuses on red artwork. I really love this idea and had the opportunity to submit a couple of my own red art photos to her for inclusion on her blog of which I profusely extend my heartfelt thanks to her.

On this new blog you'll find some fantastic "red pieces" as well as links to her other blogs and websites. I urge you to check out her other sites as well. Her artwork is so creative and unique. I love art in every form and I think art is the innermost expression of an artists' spirit just as it is for a writer and his or her words.

Click Here to visit Brittany's new blog

Thank you so much Brittany.


Margie said…
I have a masterpiece called Margiedales in Red. Would she post that one? Well, maybe I'd best keep it just for private viewings.
Considering it's the Margiedales, it should be kept private - FOR MY EYES ONLY!
Icy BC said…
I am going to check it out, Jo!
seems quite an interesting subject...will visit the site
B.Held said…
Thank you for your beautiful post. I really do appreciate it :)
Icy, thanks for stopping by.

Priyanka, It is very cool, hope you like it.

Brittany, You are welcome, it's my pleasure.
RNSANE said…
Wow, that red piece is certainly an eye catcher. I will definitely check out her blog. Thanks for the info.

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