$1 Could Make A Difference

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Help for Haiti: Learn What You Can Do

The situation in Haiti following the devastating 7.0 earthquake is getting worse and worse each day. There are people trapped alive under concrete and buildings, there are the dead who are basically left on the streets, there is a diminishing supply of water and food as each minute goes by and rescue efforts by plane are being delayed due to no power, no air traffic control and nowhere for rescue planes to land. Thousands have died, thousands injured and thousands lost.

There is a massive relief effort being implemented by the White House and hundreds of thousands of dollars being donated by countries, major corporations and the general public. I heard Bill Clinton the other night speaking and he made a wonderful point in that every little bit helps. If each and every one of us gave just one dollar to the relief effort just imagine the difference it would make. I know many cannot afford anything in this economy but there is always something you can do.
If you cannot afford to send money, find out where the local relief effort is taking place in your area and go donate some clothes you no longer wear or some canned goods. It's simple to just go to your local store, buy a can of beans or some ramen noodles and donate them.

I realize many think well there are so many businesses etc... that are giving thousands of dollars so I don't need to do anything. You know what? you need to do something because these people are human beings who are now forced to live on the streets in the most horrible of conditions. That could be you on the streets someday and if it were, you would realize that every donation, know matter how small could help.

I also wanted to mention that there are many
scammers out there who come out of the woodwork during disasters. So, if you do donate money, make sure it is a reputable organization. There are many websites out there designed specifically by scammers to look like the Red Cross etc... who will just take off with your money. The best thing to do is contact your local red cross in your area to find out the best way to donate. The emblem I have posted above goes to the White House blog which will offer ways you can help. I've already made a donation myself and although small, I know it will help. I urge you all to do the same.

Thank you.


Bangchik said…
Yes, they really need help. ~bangchik
DK Miller said…
Thanks, this is such an important post. It's so sad what happened. And you are right that if everyone donated even one dollar, that would add up to a lot of dollars.
betchai said…
it's really sad looking at what happened, they really need world's help right now, and thanks for sharing this awareness Jo, the importance of helping
VanillaSeven said…
Thanks for raising the awareness of this disaster Jo. They need all the help they can get.
Anonymous said…
It's really sad to see this in the news! I especially feel for the orphan children..Great post Jo!
it's definitely our duty to help them. i have tried the sms procedure YELE to 501501 but it's not applicable in India.....
AVCr8teur said…
Thank you for posting this. Haiti really needs our help now.
C said…
Thank you so much for this post, Jo.

I am deeply, deeply saddened by the massive devastation in Haiti.

These times, I wonder why people like Paris Hilton don't take half out of their trust funds and fly it to Haiti on one of their helicopters.
Cher said…
devastating, and yes.. every little help makes a big difference and let us remember to pray for them too.
Ann said…
Indeed every little bit helps, How sad it is though that something like this brings out the scammers.
rainfield61 said…
Thanks for your post. They really need our help.
Thank you all for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. It is very sad and hopefully with all the attention being brought to them by way of media etc... they will get much needed help and relief.

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