Sing Me Sweet

Photo taken @ The San Francisco Botanical Gardens

Sing Me Sweet
dedicated in memory of my Mom

Sing me sweet
to sleep

Sing me hope
to fly

Sing me dreams
to keep

your sweetest lullaby.


DoanLegacy said…
A heart-warming verses! Softly and beautiful!
rainfield61 said…
A lovely poem which is so sweet.
Thank you so much Doan.

Rainfield, thank you for your kind words.
Grace said…
Now that's nice
Ann said…
Love that photo and what a sweet poem
Self Sagacity said…
I would love if someone tells me a bedtime story, something enchanting. This poem could be a replacement of my yearn for the sweet tender dreams.
EastCoastLife said…
This is such a sweet poem. I want to make a song out of it so I can sing to my pretty nieces.
that's the best sleep i ever had in mom's laps.... :)
such a heart touching piece
Thank you Grace

Ann, thanks for the kind words.

Self Sagacity, Aw, you are too sweet, thank you.

EastCoast, :) you can sing them to sleep.

Priyanka, Thanks so much :)
Ratty said…
I really like that picture. And the poem made me happily sleepy.
Ratty, aw go take a nap :)
RNSANE said…
Oh, I know your mother will love that one, really is such an endearing poem, a perfect lullaby!!

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