Thank you to Juliana's Lair

I want to thank Juliana's Lair for awarding me a token prize in her latest contest. Please visit her blog which is a cornucopia of wonderful posts about life, travel and beyond. Click here to visit her website.


AVCr8teur said…
Congratulations to you! :)
Anonymous said…
Congrats Jo!
Liz said…
Congratulations Jo! :)
juliana said…
You're welcome Joanne, and thanks for joining the game. I really appreciate it.

Please check your Paypal account for the prize.
I hope someday I would win some contest blog :)
Thanks everyone.

Juliana, Thanks again so much and I did receive my prize. You are a sweetheart :)
fullet said…
It looks funny, and I'm glad you got that award. Congratulations! That bread has to be delicious, by the way :)
Anonymous said…
Congrats Jo! Keep winning the contests..
Anonymous said…
Oh wow, congrats!

P.S. You should check out my new blog:
red is | . . . |
fullet, It looks very yummy, thank you.

Icy, I should probably play the lottery, I'm on a roll

B.Held, I love your new blog and I know you've already received my submission.
RNSANE said…
It is so much fun to win! With my poetry book from Breeze, and that electonic server, I want MORE! Nothing like being greedy! OK, let's enter some wine contests now!

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