Haiku ~ November Breeze

November breeze
a faint whisper
rustling leaves


rainfield61 said…
An interesting short piece. November is around the corner.
WillOaks Studio said…
That's lovely!! I tried my hand at photo and haiku today as well. Maybe it's the season for this? But I did use more syllables so I'm not quite sure if mine is a "real" one or not...ha ha!
Autumn Belle said…
I'd like to stay here for a night and listen to the music of nature. I'm sure the breezes are fresh and cool here. How nice to be awaken by the sound of chirpy birds the next morning under the canopy of such great green trees.
lina said…
Rustling golden leaves... now that is a lovely sight. :-)
Angel said…
Very pretty. I'm not very good at Haiku, or following rules for that matter, so I'm always impressed by someone who can:)
Ann said…
What a peaceful looking setting. Love the photo and the haiku
Ratty said…
I can almost hear that breeze as if it were real. I love that picture because of the mystery it presents to me. Just a hint of the trail, and even the shed is a mystery to be explored.
Margie said…
Beautiful photo and haiku!
I really have enjoyed going through some of your posts.

Bangchik said…
The picture has the setting to carry through the short haiku..... Lovely!! ~bangchik
Anonymous said…
Completely beautiful!
Carmen, Thank you.

Chuck, Thanks so much.

Rainfield, yes and I can't believe it's already here.

WillOaks, it may be the season. Actually the 17 syllable haiku is the western version of the traditional Japanese which is what I wrote. They're all real and good. I'll check yours out today.

Autumn Belle, Ah yes, you've written a poem in itself. Thank you.

lina, thank you so much.

Angel, thank you for reading and commenting.

Ann, it is so peaceful there and I am always inspired by that setting. Thank you.

Ratty, I love the way you always see the beautiful details.

Margie, thank you so much.

Bangchik, your comment is very much appreciated.

B.Held, Thanks for your kind words.
Hi Joanne. I'm not usually a fan of Haiku, but "November Breeze" is a fantastic example. :-)
John, thanks so much for your kind words.
Nice one Jo, I wish could make such deep poem with three lines.

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