Thank you Margie and Edna

I just received this award from Margie and Edna's Basement. It is a real honor to receive this from them because their blog is one of my favorites. It never ceases to make me smile and it's one that I visit on a daily basis.

Thank you girls, I've got my zoom lens ready just for the Margiedales :D


C said…
Oh Joanne Olivieri!!!! SHARE it, will you!!!! Hmph!!!! Scrooge!!!! (just kidding! just kidding!)
Ken said…
Congratulations :)
hitesh rawat said…
hey i read about it at Margie and Edna's......congrats........

think i need to take a look the page now.....\,,,/
Icy BC said…
Congratulation, Jo..
Margie said…
Margie here. My stars, this is so nice. Thank you for sharing. I will gladly let you zoom the Margiedales! You can just have your way with any of them.
I hope you don't have a husband reading this.
Ratty said…
Congratulations on your award. You deserve it very much.
C, too naughty to share :)

Ken, Thank you and thank you for visiting.

hitesh, thanks for reading and commenting.

Thanks so much Icy.

Ratty, thanks alot.

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