The Jello Chronicles

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The Jello Chronicles

I wiggle and I jiggle
these are the elements
of my being

dare do you dribble
my essence sight unseen.

I've been topped
I've been stuffed
marshmallows, fruit du jour

savor my sugary taste
slippery sliding to my core.

Tidbit: If you are ever experiencing vertigo or feeling dizzy pour a little jello powder into an eight ounce glass and fill it with hot water. Drink the entire glass. It will help with the dizziness and nausea.


RNSANE said…
What a great poem...never thought of jello much as being medicinal but, of course, mothers have given it to children for eternity, when they are ill...and I must confess, IN MY YOUTH, it has helped me through a few rough patches. Jo, you are always wonderful.
Margie and Edna said…
Margie: Lord have mercy! I am a Jello addict. I could eat Jello every day, all day, summer or winter. Here I am with none in the house today. Could you bring some over since my craving is all your fault today?
Carmen, Same here, we always had it in the house and I still love it.

Margie, Well I'm actually too busy today but I'll send one of the Margiedales over to deliver it to you. I may even ask if he could spoon feed you :D
Lidian said…
That is a great tip! I never knew that Jell-O could help nausea.
Anonymous said…
Completely hilarious ;-)
AVCr8teur said…
As a kid, I used to make multi-layer finger jello. Thanks for reminding me of those days. I didn't know jello helps with nausea either.
rainfield61 said…
H ha!! Seems like the favourite of little kids.
Ratty said…
A great one! I love jello! The best thing is that it can be made without sugar too.
You have such nice poetry. I've been reading through some past posts.
I had no idea jello could be used for dizziness and nausea, good to know!
C said…
So fun, yet still not at all childish! Fun, but still sophisticated! I think that this poem sounds like it's about some people!!!

I am very touched to hear how my recent writing was up just right when you needed to read it. That warms my heart, and though you said that I don't even know how much it has meant to you to have read it right when you needed it, I think that I do understand. And that touches my heart. :)

Thank you always, for all of your comments, and I want you to know that your presence on my blog is greatly appreciated. :)

Icy BC said…
Fun poem, and thanks for the tip about using jello for dizziness, Jo..I must remember this..
Thank you all for visiting and commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

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