Photoscapes Unleashed ~ Sea Salt Foam

Before ~ I took this photo at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. It was an overcast, foggy day and there was just something so beautiful about the waves and sea foam pattern along the shore.

After ~ I didn't do much altering on this one other than spot lighting the rock area, changing the color scheme to more of a cool palette and adding the wind and punch modes for a more closeup effect. I like the dark feel to both of them.

As a result of my new obsession I decided to open a free shop. Basic membership is free and you can sell prints, photos, cards etc... basically anything handcrafted can be sold. Whether any of these will sell, I have no idea but I wanted to share with you. Many of you are photographers out there and could benefit from opening your own shop. Here is a text link to register online for a free membership.

Register on

Below is a link to my shop or you can visit by going to my sidebar and clicking my shop window.

Visit PhotoScapes's ArtFire Shop


rainfield61 said…
I like the original picture on Ocean Beach. Original, sometimes, is better.
Sharkbytes (TM) said…
I like the misty feel of the beach.
Rainfield, Yes sometimes the originals are better it depends on the eye :)

Sharkbytes, I do as well. I sometimes like it better than when it is sunny and warm.
WillOaks Studio said…
Bravo for you and your new shop!! I think your photos are really good (I love the new ocean one above) and I wish you the best--btw, I use Artfire, too...I need to put new things there, tho as I tend to get too focused on Etsy!
pixelshots said…
i would like to know about the gadgets you using.. hmm the cameras..

really nice shots you got here.. keep up the pace frnd..
Lidian said…
I really love both of these shots - they are stunning, and I too love cloudy, misty days at the beach even more than when it is sunny.
chubskulit said…
I love the original one, so serene!

Thank you so much ma'am for voting for my daughter. Hope you can cast your vote again tomorrow.. God bless!
Icy BC said…
I like both, Jo! The second one looks mysterious..
Ratty said…
I like the way you changed this one. They look almost like the same place seen from different views. The first one from above, and the second one from below. The second one looks as if it was taken from underwater.
C said…
That beautiful. I usually don't understand the "played with" photos...but this one is just beautiful... both the virgin one and the "played with" one... ;-)
RNSANE said…
We are so lucky to have Ocean Beach, a wonderful expanse with the Pacific Ocean and all its beauty and moods before us. I love the photos you capture and share.

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