Wordless Wednesday - Redwood Paths

Walking through the botanical gardens is a journey through not only nature but sunlight and reflections.

Walking paths are showing up each day as the renovations continue.

These three photos were taken on three separate occasions. I hope you enjoy them.


Tes said…
I love how sunlight filters through the tree branches. Lovely place to walk -relaxing!

Nice capture, Jo!
Anonymous said…
It looks quite, and inviting! I can imagine myself walking there..
jakill said…
I love all your pics of the gardens. Keep them coming, please.
DK Miller said…
Those are lovely! I really like paths. Thanks for sharing.
Brady said…
Oh I do so enjoy them! My wife and I are looking for property with a lot of trees that we can someday build a homestead and hobby farm on. I can't help but think about our perfect get-away when I look at these images.
rainfield61 said…
You have made me sitting on my usual hiking trail again, but it is Thursday morning now.
Two days to go for my date.
AVCr8teur said…
It also looks like a journey into the unknown with so much vegetation and twists & turns in the road.
C said…
I love the photos, Joanne!!! :) I am jealous. I want to be walking down those paths, myself!!! Well...at least I can come here and look at them, with you, and along with everybody else!!! :)
fullet said…
What a light bath! I will start my day with renewed strength now.
Salitype said…
what a pleasure it must have been to thread those paths.

Ratty said…
Enjoy them? I absolutely love them! These are the kinds of places that draw me. I could feel myself leaning towards my computer screen wishing to be on those trails and exploring their mysteries.
lina said…
Would be so lovely if I can get to walk those paths. :-)
maricar said…
hello Joanne,

i would like to thank you for your wonderful comments in my entry in Salitype , thank you so much...

beautiful botanical garden and the paths are so inviting, it's always good to be in the nature.
RNSANE said…
Such lovely tree lined walks, each special in its own way.
These are beautiful! So ethereal!
Tes, thanks so much for always visiting.

Icy, You would love it there, I wish you could visit someday

Jakill, I certainly will.

DK, Thank you so much. I love visiting your blog each day for the nature photos.

Brady, I'm glad it brings some wonderful hopes and dreams to you. Good luck.

rainfield, you are too cute :)

AVC, that's what I love about it, I never know what I'm going to find.

C. exactly, you can journey along with all of us.

fullet, that's what is so beautiful, all the sunlight and reflections.

Salitype, it sure was and I can never get enough of them.

Ratty, I sincerely hope someday you are able to get out here to see it in person. You would love it. I always think of you while there.

lina, I wish you could as well. Thanks for visiting.

maricar, you are very welcome, I love the blog.

Carmen, we have to go their together one day. You'll love it.

Cinnamon, Thanks so much.
Radka said…
Hello, you have a very nice blog and your photos are so beautiful. I wish a nice day. Radka.

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