Fleet Week San Francisco

Fleet Weekend
All day, October 9-11
Come to Ghirardelli Square for the best view of the Blue Angels air show. Live music and entertainment for the whole family in the plazas throughout the weekend.

Click here for more information on additional Fleet Week events including ship tours and exhibits.

Fleet Week is an annual event here in San Francisco. The Blue Angels perform air acrobatics and there are several Navy ships docked along the Embarcadero during this event. Though I always try to avoid this event because of the crowds and message it sends, I will try and get photos and video of the Blue Angels and parade of ships.

If you are in the area, Ghirardelli Square and aquatic park are the best areas to see the Blue Angels. Pier 39 is a madhouse during this event so I would suggest steering clear of that area. The Golden Gate Bridge and areas surrounding the bridge are also great for viewing.


yoon see said…
Thanks, I will await your pictures on this.
Happy weekends:)
You too Yoon See. Have a fantastic weekend :)
Ratty said…
Air shows are fun to watch. I got to see one completely by accident about a month ago. I was going somewhere else, and the freeway was clogged because of an air show. I got to sit in traffic and watch the whole thing. It was the best time I had being stuck in traffic.
Salitype said…
we have yearly airshow but for some reason i never have the chance to watch it every year, tsk!

it must be fantastic to watch!
Icy BC said…
I love to watch the Blue Angels air show. They're just amazing..Have a good time, Jo!
Ratty, pretty cool and a great way to spend the traffic time :)

Salitype, It's loud but kinda fun to watch.

Icy, I'll try and get out there to take pics and videos.
C said…
I have seen this on t.v. ...and on t.v. something terrible always happens...like the planes crash into each other or something like that...haha!

What a beautiful, blue sky, Joanne! :)

Come on over to my blog! You've got yourself a surprise waiting for you!!!! :)))
rainfield61 said…
We have the yearly air show at Langlawi Island too. It is so fantastic.

Happy Weekend.
I lived in SF for so many years in the Sunset District and your blog brings back many memories of such an incredible place. If I had to live in a city again, it would be SF. Thanks for sharing all the photos.
betchai said…
there is airshow here presently Jo, October 2- 5, we used to go each year, but this year, we skipped since I had many assignments to do :(

hope you have fun!

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