The Poet In Me

Me with my poet pose :)

The Poet In Me

I’ve been known to be
inspirations flowing
through my veins
energy of the muse.

The word interpreter,

I breathe metaphors
and paint pictures
with lyrical destinations
on blank maps.

The voracious reader,

I’ve heard my voice
astounding thunderclaps
in rudimentary dreamscapes
and rebellious realism.

The doubtful visionary,

I’ve spoken
silent affirmations
in unknown languages
understanding the future.

The anti critic,

I’ve sold not my soul
for a good review
accepting the bad
as the challenge it is.

The poetic archivist,

I’ve known
what was read
to be reiterated
in past anthologies.

The unknown author,

I speak through my words
which speak for themselves
and resound in you
while residing in me.

The validated versifier,

I proclaim
the passionate poetess in me



Tomas said…
You poetry touched me. Thank you for the verses I enjoyed indeed. I was proud of your approach to life, I recognized myself in your verses and thus was healed once again. Let me explain the above. As I checked up my blog in the light of your poetry, I was a bit ashamed for some sad notes. So you awaken me once again.
Thank you.
This is wonderful... It gives such a beautiful image of who you are in life and as a poet.
Icy BC said…
This is truly the words of the poet, Jo..Like Written Voice said, it gives a great impression of who you're, to me!
rainfield61 said…
I see you through the reflection on words.
Tomas, thank you so much for your words. They indeed mean alot to me.

The Written Voice, thank you so much.

Icy, You are sweet, thank you.

rainfield, thanks my wise friend, very much appreciated.
bessye said…
Exquisite! everytime I turn around, your opening up a new side of yourself. Bravo! well done.

Tes said…
Jo, You truly are a poet. This piece is one of the best! Flowing with words -rich and thick! A revelation!

Btw, you are cute with that arched brow! *winks*
Ratty said…
This is a good unique way to describe yourself. I like this, and I've never seen it done this way before.
C said…
After AAAALLLLLLLL that beautiful song-verse....and then you end with "speechless" !!! Of all the words you could have ended with! I didn't even see that coming!!!!!

I loved it. :)

Another song, as is how I feel it is.... :)
RNSANE said…
Definitely, you describe yourself very well. Those, who have never met you, would know you from these words.
bessye, Thank you for your loyalty and wonderful words.

Tes, thank you so much :)

Ratty, I pulled out my inner self. Thanks.

C, I used that ending to shock and awe :D

Carmen, Thank you so much.

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