Photoscapes Unleashed ~ Ocean Swirl

Before ~ This was taken at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. The sunsets here can be spectacular and I happened to catch one amazing scene. I've always loved this photo and wondered what if anything I could do to enhance it or change the feel. The result is below.

After ~ While using my software with oil paint mode, swirl, punch, pinch, highlight and wind modes, I was able to get an ocean wave/swirl effect.



Icy BC said…
The photo is indeed, spectacular, Jo! And the effect is a piece of art!
rainfield61 said…
You are now a great magician.
Autumn Belle said…
The second picture looks very different from the first. I does look like an oil painting. The sunsets are spectacular in both pictures. Great job!
Ratty said…
That's cool! It looks like a giant wave now.
Cher said…
the original and the byproduct of your 'magic' are both awesome! :)
It's so beautiful and then when enhanced becomes an entirely different form of amazing. Every time I see your pictures I become homesick.
Thank you Icy, it's fun to create this way.

rainfield, I wish I were because I would be very rich now :D

Autumn Belle, that's what is so cool about the photo editing is that you can create a completely new photo.

Ratty, I know when it became a wave I stopped editing. It was perfect.

Thank you so much Cher for your kind words.

MountainWoman, aw, I'll have much more of SF over the weeks to come.
RNSANE said…
This is one of my favorites...spectacular.

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