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I just wanted to share this information with you. I checked my stats for Poetic Shutterbug and found that although I do receive traffic from search engines the majority of my traffic comes from referrals and direct hits. So, I did some research and found that it is important to add meta tags to your blogs. Now I am not a computer whiz so I did some Googling and found that you have to manually add the meta tags to your blog if you use blogger. I had absolutely know idea how to do this and at the same time am deathly afraid of altering any html code if I don't know what I'm doing. I did however find a blog which explains and illustrates exactly how to add the tags to your blog. He even gives you the code to do it. I cautiously followed the instructions and voila! It worked perfectly. Here is the url to that blog so you all can check it out

I have the tags etc... on my blog and did a meta tag analyzer to see if it worked and it all worked out fine. Now, it is too early to see if this will help my search engine stats but I will keep you posted.


DK Miller said…
Hmm, and that helps you get traffic. I'll have to look. I'd love some google traffic. :-) Now, how important are labels? I've been told by the blogger error messages that I have run out and I don't know how to delete them. I can easy get rid of a bunch. Sigh.

Report back on your metatag success!
DK Miller said…
Ok, I added them. We'll see how it goes! I hope it helps. Thanks for sharing.
DK, I don't know about the labels. For the tags I figured it can only help, right? We'll see. I check my stats often so I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks for visiting.
Ratty said…
That's a great tip about the meta tags. I read about them awhile ago at the same site, but forgot since then. I might try it out too. Let us all know how they work out for you.

And as long as you save your Blogger template first, then editing your html code is no problem. If you mess up all you have to do is upload the backup. It's as easy as uploading pictures.
Autumn Belle said…
Thank you for sharing this great tip. I'll keep this mind to try it out soon.
Icy BC said…
This is valuable information, Jo! Like Ratty, I've read it, and forgot about it. Thanks for the link..
rainfield61 said…
They are useful tips from you and Ratty. Thanks for sharing. Please share again on the result.
Secondary Roads said…
I have used meta tags on other Websites with good results. This is an excellent tip and one that we can all benefit from.
-- Chuck
Thanks Ratty, I'm always afraid of messing up the blog. I'll keep you posted on how it works out.

Autumn, thanks for visiting and commenting.

Icy, let me know if you use it and how it turns out. Thanks.

rainfield, I certainly will keep you all posted.

That's good to know Chuck, thanks for sharing.
I don't know what a meta tag is. I guess I'm a clueless blogger so I really appreciate the advice and I'm off to investigate the link you posted. Thanks so much for the help.
RNSANE said…
Thank you for the source. I will read it when I catch up on the last two weeks of mail, unpack, etc. I am so sorry I missed Sony last night!!
In another post you mentioned you've seen a slight increase in Google visitors. Are you getting more visitors for the keywords in your meta-tags?

I'm not a fan of using the meta-description like this. If you search Google for your blog, most of the descriptions are now the same :-(

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