The Redwood Trail @ The Botanical Gardens

Click photo to enlarge and read the sign. Enjoy!


Jane Doe said…
What a wonderful trail to hike on! Those trees are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your pics.
Cher said…
your tree photos are like paintings! thanks for giving me the opportunity to hug trees again. ;)
Gorgeous tree!!... such a big tree, but with relatively long and slender branches. Indeed very contrasting. ~bangchik
rainfield61 said…
1889. Wow!!! They are over 100 years old.
Joanne these are all just marvelous. You can just get lost in the images. Our middle one, PickyProf has been but we have never been fortunate to go yet.

Also, thanks for reading. I am here to pick up a link to you and add to the post. I am playing a game of my own to see who actually reads?

There's never any doubt about you. but, it is not what you think!

Have a great week!
WillOaks Studio said…
Wonderful perspective on that last tree photo!! I can really sense "my small scale" in relationship to such a grand old tree....
bessye said…
I love redwoods. Hi Joanne! Trees are so exquisite to me. On the grander scale of things.

Icy BC said…
Beautiful redwood photos, Jo!

Thank you for the ad on Project Wonderful..
I love the angle these are taken at. As already mentioned, great perspective :-)
I love the angle these are taken at. As already mentioned, great perspective :-)
Jane Doe, thanks to you for reading and commenting.

Cher :) thank you and you can hug them anytime.

Bangchik, there are so many different species there. I love them all.

rainfield, I hope I look that good at that age :D

Jackie, :) thanks so much for visiting.

WillOaks, yes, I have to admit while standing directly under the trees and shooting from that angle, I almost fell over a couple of times :D

bessye, I feel the same as you about them.

Icy, thanks and you're welcome.

John, thanks so much, that means alot coming from you.
Ratty said…
You have several great posts in a row here and I somehow missed them before. Your botanical gardens reveals more great wonders all the time.
Beautiful. Ancient trees hold a special place in my heart.
Ratty, yes it does and even to me. With all the renovating that is going on there, I discover something new each time I visit and I visit very often.

MountainWomans, For me as well :)

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